Stella and Sophia owners....

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  1. Just a question..What is the difference between a Stella and Sophia? I know one is larger than the others..I'm familiar with the style differences just want some feedback...I think I want a Sophia..and not sure..Willing to sit back and wait patiently until I find one..Just not sure what to focus on...No hurry...Just a collection addition .. Thanx for the info!! :heart: Emmy
  2. from Vogue1966's Informative Page on Buying Marc Jacobs Handbags
    eBay View About Me for vogue1966

    THE FIVE BASIC STYLES (a/k/a The "Classic" Collection)
    There are five basic Marc Jacobs handbag styles, which are produced every season. These are usually referred to as the "Classic Collection." The main difference in these styles from season to season, are the colors.....

    The Marc Jacobs Classic Collection includes the “Stella”, “Sophia”, “Venetia”, “Multi-Pocket” (which is available in two sizes) and “Cammie” bags. The newest member of the Classic Collection is the "Blake" which was introduced during the 2004 Fall/Winter season. These bags are released every season in new colors. The only continuous colors are black, and more recently, white.....

    STELLA – The Stella bag is the largest (and most popular) of the classic collection, measuring approx 15” across, 11” high and 4” deep. There are two front pockets with silver padlocks, a front zippered pocket, a full zip top opening which unhooks at one end to make an open-top tote (although this season saw the release of a zip-top opening which does NOT unhook), an inner zipper wall pocket, and double adjustable shoulder straps with large square buckles and belt loops.

    SOPHIA – The Sophia is a hobo shaped shoulder bag, and is sometimes referred to as “stella’s little sister.” The bag is approx 13” across, 9” high and 3” deep. There are two front pockets with silver padlocks, a front zippered pocket, a main center section with an inner magnetic snap closure, two outer zippered sections (one slightly higher on the bag than the other) and a single adjustable shoulder strap with large buckles on each end......

    MULTI-POCKET BAG – The multi-pocket bag comes in two sizes. The smaller size is approx. 9” across, 8” high and 5” deep. The larger size is approx. 13” across, 12” high and 5” deep. Both bags have two front pockets with silver padlocks, a pocket on each end with silver padlocks, a full zip top opening, an inner zipper wall pocket and a single rolled leather shoulder strap which attaches to the bag with thick silver O-rings. Both the top zipper & the inner zippered pocket should have the riri markings. The difference between the two (besides their size) is that the larger bag has four silver feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it from dirt & damage.

    VENETIA – The Venetia is a larger "doctor" shaped handbag with a slightly rounded top, considered by many to be the most sophisticated style of the Classic Collection. It measures approx 16” across, 12” high and 4” deep. There are two front pockets with silver padlocks, a full zip top closure which overhangs approx. halfway down each end of the bag, a wrap over strap (or belt) which has the illusion of wrapping itself all the way around the bag that hooks in front with a large silver buckle & slips through a belt loop, an inner zipper wall pocket, a "pouch" pocket which snaps closed with an open wall pocket directly behind the pouch pocket, double rolled leather carrying handles which connect to the bag with large silver O-rings, and five silver feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it from dirt and damage (one in each corner with one in the center)......
  3. to me, the biggest difference is that the stella is larger and has a double strap; the sophia is a single strap design and smaller. IMO, sophia's probably comparable in size to a small MP...a little too small for me. i wish they made stella with a single strap...i think it would be my perfect bag!
  4. can you get the stella straps over your shoulder? they always seemed a little small to me. i have a sophia in a kelly-ish green (don't know the color name) and i LOVE it! one of my fave bags. my mom has a brick red one and she used it to death! she even broke the strap in the middle- but then again she is VERY tough on her bags!

    just depends on the size you want.
  5. Thanx! All this is very helpful!!! :heart: Emmy
  6. Oh yeah - definitely can get the Stella straps over your shoulder - especially if you set the buckle on the last set of holes.

    Besides size, the biggest difference between Stella and Sophia is that Stella is just a big, single compartment tote with a couple of zippered pockets built into the main body of the bag. Sophia's main section is divided into several compartments with separate zipper and snap closures. It is easy to forget where you have put stuff in your Sophia!!
  7. ^ agree with ctm19. Personally, I think Stella is too big, but if you like big roomy bags then you might like Stella. I prefer Sophia because it's smaller and I don't generally carry a lot of stuff. The single strap is comfortable too.
  8. ^^ Agreed.. I think the Sophia is too small for myself... but if you dont carry around a lot of junk, it's great!

    I like my stella, but it does get a little heavy when you're been out shopping all day.
  9. So do these have the "Marc Jacobs" nameplate & the "made in italy" leather tag sewn in? Or just the nameplate..Or does it depend on the year?? :heart: Emmy
  10. ^^ I think it all depends on when it was made. It should have a nameplate in it no matter what, I believe.
  11. Emmy...when I was first looking at whether or not to buy a Sophia or Stella, I found this link very helpful in terms of what to look for on ebay. It's also a good resource for MJ in general.

    eBay View About Me for vogue1966

    Hope you find one you like! Let us know what you decide!
  12. ^ Thanx marclover!!! I was looking for that...!!! :heart: Emmy