stefyp collection

  1. Hello!!:smile: I just took some pics of my Gucci bags so,here they are!! Tomorrow i'll take some more of Gucci wallets,pouchettes and accessories plus my still little Louis Vuitton collection...:shame: :shame: I'm very happy to share them with you all!!:love: ;) Hope you enjoy it!!:P

    Let's start with some general views....
    Hpim0102.jpg Hpim0104.jpg Hpim0103.jpg Hpim0128.jpg Hpim0132.jpg
  2. Oh my; great collection! I can't wait to see the rest!
  3. Thanx Slick!!:shame: :shame:
    Will post the soonest!;)
  4. great collection, the pink really stands out!
  5. Oh..i forgot..i'm selling a couple of these in the Market!;)
  6. Nice collection!
  7. Great collection ... can't wait to see the rest of your collection!
  8. woooooooooooow

    ur Fushia Gucci is TO DIE FOR ;p .... piece of art....

    how come u dont have a horsebit hobo with this un countable Gucci bags? plzzzz do purchase one .. its wonderful ;)
  9.'re all soooo nice!!:love:
    Will buy a hobo the soonest!!Promised!!;) Thanx for suggesting!!!
    I'm going to post some more...:shame:
  10. Holy cow, fab Gucci collection ! I love your bamboo bag, it's adorable !
  11. Thanx ayla..:shame:
    It's still partial because i'm trying to download the rest of the bags,but my download programme seems to be stuck...:sad2: :cry: :P Will keep trying!!
  12. WOW Nice collection! I love your Gucci's!
  13. Thanx...keep fingers crossed for my download that i can show you some more!!:amuse:
  14. Wow! Very nice Gucci collection there stefyp.
  15. Impressive Gucci love! Beautiful colorful collection!
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