Stefani-Rossdale family out in LA

  1. By Sarah, CBB News Editor
    [​IMG]Update: Anne at Just No Doubt has added lots of photos. The family stopped at a photo booth to take some pics themselves!

    [​IMG] Kingston rides in their custom-made Bugaboo - Gwen sent over the fabric she wanted, and Bugaboo made it. Later in the photo set, Gavin carries Kingston in a PSling ring sling.

    Originally posted February 15th: Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani and their 8 month old son Kingston spent the day out in Los Angeles yesterday, eating at The Water Grill and then shopping in Little Tokyo.
  2. What a beautiful family. Thanks for posting.
  3. Cool, chic, classy rock star royalty!
  4. That baby is damn cute!
  5. kingston is sooo cuute! :tender:
  6. They all look so great! Happy and natural, but still very cool in a hollywood way.
  7. What a cute baby! They all look so happy!!
  8. awwwss! that second picture is priceless!:girlsigh:
  9. They're such a cute family.
  10. They're one gorgeous family!
    I love them.
  11. Cute baby! Too bad she married my future husband - we are destined to be together! Muahahahaha :graucho:

    Whoops, sorry :shame: It's just that I've had a crush on Gavin for the last 12 years :p
  12. Cute baby!
  13. [​IMG]
    Gwen Stefani towers in her six inch YSL Tribute pumps, carrying 9-month-old cutie Kingston as they leave a West End production company together in London on Tuesday night. Stylin‘!
    When it comes to heels, how high will be too high? Mark my words, people are going to start wearing stilts around town!
  14. I absolutely love Gwen's hair in those last pics! Thanks for posting.
  15. Gavin's so hot!