Steel work?

  1. I've been looking for a steel/plomb work but I can't seem to find one:sad: The only way of getting one is through the internet so if you guys happen to see one... please let me know. I even emailed aloharag but no reply yet. All the websites i checked so far dont have it, even diabro as they only have the nero and blanc. oi vey.
  2. AR didn't order Steel Work this season.
  3. I knew i read that somewhere! Ok thanks =]
  4. I just emailed BalNY about their work stock and they still have a steel work left.
  5. Erica, what about mastic?
  6. oh goodness!!:yahoo:
    do they charge tax and shipping and all that jazz? Cuz i'm all the way in CA so...
  7. 212-206-0872, they're open 'til 7 pm eastern.
  8. Ok thanks!
  9. Shipping is free and since you're out of state there is no tax :yes:
  10. Yes, they have mastic. Maybe I should just start a separate thread and list all the colors they have in stock.