Steel Weekender RH / Anthra WE

  1. I can't decide...Which should I get? Anthra or Steel WE (RH) ?

    Here's what I have so far ..hope this helps..

    - Sienna 07 WE
    - Grey 06 WE
    - Black 07 SGH WE
    - Marine 07 WE
    - Pewter 05 WE

    ...or wait for a vert thyme WE to pop up somewhere in the upcoming months?

    :confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1::confused1: I'm totally lost.... what do you guys think? Thanks so much!!!1
  2. Anthracite; the colour is gorgeous and one of a kind. Your collection sounds fantastic, it includes two of my favourites: sienna and marine.
  3. Definitely anthra....i love the two-tone look, i own the anthra work, love it so much!
  4. anthracite gets my vote but since you already have a black and marine then maybe you should go for vert thyme.
  5. I vote for steel. I have this color and it matches EVERYTHING without being as "harsh" as black.
  6. I think Anthra would match your collection well. What about that Sapin???
  7. I prefer steel but that's because I prefer blue to green undertones.
  8. hey, i asked them and that sapin has the shorter handles...but im looking for the longer handles....

    I saw a pine weekender on styledrops but it's way too expensive (aprrox. 1800 USD) which is crazy... it's hot tho....but too $$
  9. I think I would have to vote Anthra, but it's a difficult choice since steel is a pretty great color too and it really seems like both would fit into your collection nicely!!
  10. Absolutely Anthra!!! I'm in love with this colour for a long time.....
  11. 07 Anthra a bit similar to what u already got --- > Marine
    coz 07 Anthra doesnt have much green tone in it.

    so if i was u , i will go for Steel.

    so Steel get My vOte....^^
  12. Anthra gets my vote! I have it in Work and its one of my favorite bags.
  13. Wow, you are def. a WE girl!! :yes: Between anthra and plomb, I'd def go with anthra. I love that bluish-green undertone that it has. So unique! But both colors are similar to what you already have, so maybe it'd be worth waiting for a vert thyme? That'd def. be something new and diff for your amazing collection!
  14. I vote steel.
  15. I would vote Anthra for sure. It seems you have the darker colors (blues and blacks) covered. I love the versatility of Anthra and the gorgeous green undertones. So pretty. Be sure to post pics when you decide:yahoo: