steel vs black

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  1. if this belongs somewhere else, please move it. but, i was just wondering what the difference between steel + black is. i was looking on and saw that the first in noire is $907usd and the steel is $1254usd. im guessing one is rarer than the other or something. thanks
  2. i was guessing that it could be cos steel is f/w07 whereas the black is s/s07. i do believe f/w07 leather's better than s/s07's. but they have a f/w07 black day doing cheap, the only style, iirc.
  3. ^^^glossie, I thought that all 2007 leather was good? I am considering a S/S 2007 so I hope so! I think that Plomb is a seasonal color whereas Black comes out every season so maybe that also accounts for the difference in price?
  4. i get so many compliments on my plomb bag. its such a beautiful colour