Steel vs. black

  1. Hi everyone!! So i just got my first REAL job after graduating college in May as a sales rep so I will be carrying around quite a bit of stuff with me on a daily basis. I am so excited and of course I need a bbag for a work and I am pretty sure the work would be perfect for me I already have a twiggy and a first and have wanted a work for a while and now I have the perfect excuse to get on!!!:yahoo:So my question is black or steel? I know black is obviously a neutral color, but I love the steel, do you think that would be okay for a work environment? I am also getting regualar hardware, I don't want any bling while working lol. And my last question is, do you think the work will be a good size or should I step it up to a weekender? TIA!!!
  2. I doubt any employer would have a problem with something like Steel... it would have to be REALLY conservative to be upset with that. Steel is quite dark. I would suspect even Anthracite with RH would be fine.

    Also, I think a Weekender would be HUGE for work. The Work is probably the most appropriate size.
  3. i also struggling btw noir and steel...i would say noir is "user friendly" easy to mix & match, steel does too and bit more special...

    i think work is more than goood enough, i suppose weekender will be too much?
  4. I'd go for steel! I carry my steel to work. It's so close to black that I think the color is still professional. and Yes.. definitely go for RH!
  5. If you can buy it in person, pick the one that has the type of leather that you love. I'd go for the Steel first but if I couldn't find one with my leather preference then I'd get a black one.
  6. Black is a staple but steel is special too :yes: If I had unlimited funds, I'd get one in every color in PT, Work and WE :graucho:
  7. you can get black any time and in any style... i'd go for a steel work... congrats on your new job! good luck and keep us posted!
  8. i had the same question last month and my well-trained hubby said steel looks like black just faded in the sun and all of a sudden i didn't think steel is all that. but if you like steel n want a soft black anyway then steel is to go. hope that helps!
  9. It's a tough choice, I would be pick steel.
  10. My DH said the same thing! He has a sharp eye, and I love asking his opinion on my major purchases. Also, I found that in general the leather on Steel was not as good as the leather on Black this season.

  11. I also agree that u should choose based on leather if u get to see both colors at the same time. I found a steel bbag that has the thickest, chewiest and smooshiest leather of any bbags I've seen! But I also own a black bbag and bbag leather is just too gorgeous in the classic black. It is sexy and very timeless. The steele is unique and will give ur outfits an edge....then again so will the back to my initial advice...get the best leather u can get ur hands on!
  12. ITA!:tup: Work would be the perfect size for work, I carry mine everyday:smile: WE is definitely too big to tote around on a daily basis!

    Good luck!
  13. thanks everyone for you advice!! I will go and look this weekend and will keep everyone posted!!