Steel RH City or Anthracite Giant GH City??

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  1. I recently purchased a City Anthracite Giant GH from AR (Yuko did a wonderful job of picking the bag for me:yahoo:), but now I am having doubts about the Giant GH... I think I'm preferring the look of the RH over the Giant GH (more classic and timeless IMO).

    No one seems to have the City Anthracite in RH anymore. BalNY Daphne recommended the Steel RH as an alternative. I need help, advice, moral support. What do you think? Should I exchange my City Anthracite Giant GH with the Steel RH?

    BTW, I'm a recent convert to Balenciaga and have fallen hook line and sinker with the line :heart:! It's like a Lays potato can't have just one. In addition to the Anthracite City, I also have the Anthracite Work RH and Aqua Hobo Giant GH. Thanks everyone!!
  2. I am wanting a steel city myself! I love it; it looks like a stormcloud. I think it just depends on what colors you love. I think RH is a lot more "me", but I've seen cool GH ones, too.
  3. i'd say go for the steel rh city since you already have other things in anthracite. it'll be a nice change since it has a more subtle blue than anthracite but it's also definitely not black.
  4. i say go for steel city RH too! :tup:
  5. I am not a huge fan of the GH, therefore I would go with the steel RH. Plus the RH city is so much lighter than the GH city.
  6. I prefer RH, so I'd go with Steel.
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. You've all validated what my gut has been telling me. :tup: Take care all!