Steel PT RH - LOVE LOVE pics here

  1. i just wanted to help those who dont have access to pics, i got it over black (which i still dont have in RH) I just think its got so much more charactor.

    Its grey/ blue with a slight slight metallic sheen. my husband thinks it looks good against black rather than fading into it and works with brown.

    i take really really bad pics (my dh) usually takes them for me.. sorry it its not great.

    all indoors, 1st Flash, next 2 no flash.
    CIMG2483.JPG CIMG2485.JPG CIMG2487.JPG
  2. Wooow this color is amazing! It's definitely my fave from the new collection.
    Love your new bag!
  3. :heart: thanks. I wore a brown dress just to make sure it would work with the earth tones and it does! my husband was actually the one who insisted i get steel over black.

    I just wanted to post pics because everyone has been so helpful to me when I have questions and I know it does help.

    I really cant tell difference between leathers because i only have 07 bags - new to this MADNESS. but i think its thick-??
  4. yay, it's a beautiful color!!! I love it!
  5. Love, love, love it too! We're bag twins! I found it to be smooshier and softer but thinner than my hobo? I've only got 07 bags too. Do you find your tassles are splitting quickly?
  6. you have a hobo? which one - thats my next bag- well the day more likely. i have no tassles except on my twiggy and no splitting yet. i'm really curious now about the leather - i want to see wwhat the deal is with the older leather.... twins- i like that!:tup:
  7. Red. It's the most comfy to carry imho! I'm dying to get a sgh one next! Just wish they'd make it in rh too!

    My tassles on my 2 week old pt are splitting already!:wtf:
  8. Yowza! You did good! Love the color and :heart:Love, Love, Love the PT!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  9. [​IMG]


    OMG:tup:The leather is TDF:yahoo::yahoo:Congrats:heart::heart:
  10. Congrats:yahoo: it looks great in PT style.:tup:
  11. Love it... Congrats! :tup:
  12. :yahoo: Congrats! Love the color, leather, style, everything about it! It's gorgeous :drool::drool::drool:
  13. Very nice,Congrats!
  14. My goodness, that IS nice.... I keep hearing about how the AW 07 colors are flat, but I don't know that it's accurate to say that. There's nothing flat about the color of this bag, at all! YUMMY!
  15. Congrats I love this color so much!