steel or anthracite RH WE

  1. anyone see either anywhere?
    please let me know! thanks!
  2. I saw anthracite weekender (or maybe work?) in NM fashion island (California) couple weeks ago. You could try. Good luck! :smile:
  3. thanks! :smile: i tried searching the NM contact numbers on their website but couldn't find the location fashion island in CA.... :crybaby:

    does NM take international orders btw?

    ..........i stil cant locate one yet......
  4. NM
    601 Newport Center Drive Fashion Island
    Newport Beach, California
    (800) 395-1036
  5. i'm pretty sure neiman's in san francisco has a steel weekender...
  6. cool thanks! I'll try giving them a call...

    does neiman's do international orders tho?

    thanks again!
  7. hi just wanted to see if there are any updates of if anyone else has seen one.....
    i still cant seem to find either =( boo....