Steel julianne still available?????

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  1. I just decided that I have to have a steel julianne. It's still on the Coach website, but I hate to pay full price! Do any outlets have juliannes? Thanks!
  2. omg I'm drooling over this bag as well! I desperately want it. Do any of your ladies own it and would willing to let us know your thoughts on the bag?
  3. That color is stunning. Truly stunning
  4. what?
    it is?
    just when i changed my siggy and now it's on the coach website?
    i think somebody's been watching over us.. hehe
  5. by the way, is the julianne steel colour similar to the metallic colour which will easily rub-off? chipped off?
    or is it under the pebbled leather so, more durable?
    what's the leather and colour handling should be like?
    can someone help me by explaining this?
  6. It's the durable pebbled leather. I've got the Steel Sabrina and wore it for six months straight with no problems with the color at all. I want to steel Julianne next!
  7. I have a steel julianne that I got a few months ago at the outlets. I'm not sure how it got there,but got lucky. It is such a great color that goes with everything. I do not have any troubles with it being metallic or it flaking. I don't have a scratch on it. As for my teal Sabrina that has alot of scratches. I thought when I got these bags it would be the other way around.
  8. Thanks for the info colabear! Sounds like you got really lucky @ the outlets! I'm going today after work to see what they have :biggrin:
  9. Do the outlets do charge sends? I'm thinking of trying to find a list of all of them and calling to see if I can find a steel Julianne? Since it is still on the Coach website, would they be at the outlets also? Thanks! Oh, where could I find a list of the outlets?
  10. You can find a list of the outlet stores under the store locator on the coach website! I was hoping the outlets would have the julianne too but I doubt it if it's still for sale on the website and in stores :sad: