Steel City RH Owners: Serial Numbers?

  1. Hi there, all steel city rh owners! Could you tell me the serial number on the back of the Balenciaga tag?

    The one I just received one from AR is 115748 502752. I'm used to seeing 115748 3444 on city bags, so i'm wondering if 502752 is something new for f/w 07.

    Your help is appreciated!

  2. I have record of the following "serial numbers" (although I am increasingly convinced this is a number referencing the plant in which the bag was made)

    3444, 2123, 1787, 3160, 4276, 496393

    So this looks like a new one!
  3. Turtle- i have my Steel city that i bought from BalNYand im been using it this whole week. the numbers are : 115748 502752
  4. Whew! :sweatdrop: Thank you Annabellet and hmwe46 for your quick replies. I've had 3444 committed to memory in my search for a city, and I knew to stay away from 213444, but when I saw 502752...:confused1:

    Annabellet, are you enjoying the color of your city? Do you feel you made the right choice? It's much nicer in real life; steel has been so difficult to capture in photos.

    But I can't help but wonder if I should have gotten the black city instead - I keep looking at the pics of Lordguinny's black city!

    Turtle :heart:
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    Sorry, I posted my comment to the wrong thread. So, I deleted it.
  6. ^^ Got me all excited. I thought AR had a bunch of new 07 Plombs in. :hrmm: