Steel Cage Match!! Gucci v. LV!

  1. OK so I haven't bought a bag since March!! My hands are trembling :biggrin: I have wanted both of these bags in the past and they're on my mind again, as always I'd love you guys' feedback the Cabas Mezzo or Large Horsebit Hobo in brown/beige fabric (one of the best styles of bags of all time I thnk!) Pics from Elux and Ebay (fake!)
    p10234708_ph_hero.jpg 44_1.jpg
  2. Love the MEzzo....

    **I am a bit biased, as you can see in my avatar, picked one up one the weekend...technically its for my sis, but she didn't like LOSS for her!**
  3. I love both of them and i already own the Gucci planning on getting the Mezzo or luco. If you plan to use this bag everyday i recommend the Mezzo, the straps are alot more comfy and its easier to get inside the bag vs. the Gucci.
  4. ^^^Sigh, you know I already have the black and tan Guccis there's a bad camera phone pic of my tan!! But honestly I LOVE THIS BAG!!! It is so functional for me (i.e. is just so darn big) I get so many compliments and the horsebit strap is just genius!! Am I crazy to want another, I know the Cabas is a great practical bag as well!
  5. You already KNOW what I'm gonna say- get the Gucci! LOL.
  6. bagloving mom : have you notice your bag getting really squisy??

  7. I LOVE YOUR SIGGY, Last week I recently saw "The Devil Wears Prada" in an ADVANCE SCREENING! The movie is good, Indeed lots of designers, especially CHANEL and HERMES (you would think they would put more PRADA). In the beginning they always talked about LAGERFELD.... but he never showed up in the movie. But another famous designer makes a CAMEO! :biggrin:
  8. Lv.
  9. i say gucci
  10. Yes MissV! It was odd at first how different the tan and black leathers were, the tan was sorta stiff but the black divine, now though my tan is softening up a lot, it is a tremendous bag!!
  11. I have a horsebit and I absolutely love it, but the Mezzo looks wonderful, so I'd go with it.
  12. OMG I cannot believe I stumbled across this awesome thread!! I am debating between the EXACT same bags--the Mezzo and the large Gucci horsebit! That is too weird...good taste!! LOL

    My problem is that I just got the Speedy 35 mono, so I am unsure if I want my next bag to be a mono as well...this would be my first Gucci. How does the fabric wear? Does it get extremely dirty? Thanks, Gucci experts:smile:
  13. Normally I would vote for the Gucci horsebit, but since you already have two of those, I would vote for the LV.
  14. How funny, plus last week I was in LV and tried on the 35 for the first time, I have got to get that bag same (good) taste indeed!! I hear that the fabric is very durable, I plan on treating it with some stain protectant assuming I ever decide on between the two :biggrin:
  15. LOL We should make a pact and just by both!!!:yes: :yes:

    Seriously, though, let me know which one you decide on...what are your thoughts (pros/cons) so far?

    BTW--the Speedy is a great bag...I looooooove it:love: