Steamer recommendation?

  1. hey i was wondering if anyone has a recommendation as to which steamer i should buy to clean my bathroom? i've been looking at sites that have reviews but it always helps to get opinions from actual people :smile:
  2. I bought mine from a allergy catalog and will post later when I find the name. I LOVE mine.......this is the 3rd one I had. The frist one I had broke after 2 years of use, the second one got messed up in a move. They are fantastic. I can not say enough about how enjoyable it makes cleaning. I clean my whole house top to bottom with them, I mean floors, doors, windows, rugs (kills dust mites) and the bathroom is spotless. I usually spray a scented cleanser in my shower and tub (I love the Good Home Company Beach Day spray) and then steam over it---once you have one and get the hang of using it you will wonder how you lived without it. I can also rave about how spotless your kitchen sink, oven and microwave will be, I also use it in the dishwasher. It is like you go on a cleaning trip once you get this. My friend bought one from a few years ago but it broke on her. I was reading about these and there are so many to choose from that it is hard. I went with a allergy catalog because I felt it gave me what I wanted. Mine cost under $200.00.
  3. thank you!! yes i would love to know the name that sounds exactly like what i am looking for
  4. i just wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations? i'm still looking...:flowers:
  5. Sorry it took so long to repost the information.
    The steamer I bought is called "The Steam Dynamo Pro" It sells for $199.00 I see it is now on sale for $169.00 so that to me is a great deal.
    in the AllerG catalog. Their website is

    I really can't tell you how happy I am with this product. It is really the best I have ever had. I just did my bedroom today. I steamed all the drapes and wood blinds, steamed the mattresses and all the doors and even went over my furniture. I kind of go overboard once I start. Then I used the floor attachment and steamed the rugs. You are supposed to be able to kill dust mites on carpets, furniture I like to do it all. We do have allergies at home and my kids have asthma so anything that can help I am willing to try.
    If you go on the website and research this product I think you will find it does so much. It has the best carry case and you can even disconnect the steamer part and sling it on your shoulder instead of wheeling it around.
  6. thank you so much!! i ordered it tonight :ty: