Food Steamer cookware help needed!


Nov 14, 2006
A proper good quality food steamer is something I have been wanting to buy for a long time and I dont want to wait any longer;). I need your lovely expert advice on which one to choose - planning on doing all steamed dishes so need space for both vegetables and meat to steam together if its possible. Price is not really an issue as I see it as investment in my health and dont want to save on it.

Thanks so much in advance ! :flowers:
Sep 13, 2007
You might look at the rice cookers on Amazon. Many come with a steaming compartment. You might also try looking at Asian food stores. Since steaming is an integral part of Asian cooking some stores have a nice selection of steamers.

I use one of those foldable metal steam baskets you get at a grocery store with a $29 Panasonic rice cooker I got on Amazon. Used to have a rice cooker with a built-in steam rack and I loved it but couldn't find any I liked the last time I was shopping for a new one.