Steamer Bags

  1. Thos of you who have steamer bags: what do you use them for? I notice there's only one loop/handle. They're lovely bags but way out of my price range, lol :crybaby:

    Of course we all know the steamer bag was invented to hang in trunks for laundry etc. I'm just wonderig what it's modern uses are.
  2. I have one and you're right they are pricey. I use mine for storage ( ie dry cleaning , storing of sweaters and long sleeve shirts) I also use it like a keepall for car travel.
  3. I think they are so cool. I would love to get one in EPI.
  4. I want one in nomade:drool: with my initial on the corner...

    I would use it for travell or to go grocery shoping =)
  5. i loooooove the steamer. my bf wants one too. its his fav lv piece. maybe our household will be lucky enough to have one. he travels a lot, so he would use it as luggage.
  6. It's a classic piece but I find it a tad bit unpractical. It gets quite heavy when you put stuff inside it.
  7. I think they are gorgeous too! Yes, they are also impractical, but what a piece to show off!
  8. Nomade would be yummy. Caramel...of course??:graucho:
  9. :nuts:I love mine, it is the regular monogram and I have had it for years! I use it as a luggage item. It can actually hold like a weeks worth of cloths easy! I take it when ever my keepall wont do the job. I am a luggage person and this piece is my fav.
  10. just curious, how do you hold it?
  11. the handle on the bag. It actually evens it self out once it is held. You would think that it is going to be uneven and lopsidded, but it works. Its LV you have to trust them.

  12. I guess, so, they've only been in the game for, like 100 years! :roflmfao:. I was imagining it like carrying a rucksack with the top handle.
  13. I love the steamer bags! I wanna get one someday.