Steamed at a good way! Short Reveal

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  1. I live entirely too close to an Hermes Boutique. I decided to stop in for a viewing, no buying, as I just purchased a Kelly and Cabag. But, there it was, calling my name and I was smitten...
  2. Live one!!!
  3. Oh, boy, and I just love it when someone is "smitten." Smitten is a great word!
  4. I had seen these before but never paid them much attention...
  5. It is not possible to live too close to an H boutique! :P
  6. Smitten! :cloud9:
  7. C'est vrai! I just wish I had a little more self control and a little less self indulgence...:shame:
  8. Yay at being smitten:yahoo::choochoo:
  9. This will store my latest treasure. Any ideas?
    Hermes Silky Pop 9.jpg
  10. oooh... pretty sleeper!
  11. ashtray/tray?
  12. Can't wait to see :biggrin:!
  13. #13 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    No, not an ash tray..I will give you a hint, steam it and it takes on a whole new persona...
  14. I'm hopeless at guessing - open up quick!
  15. SINATRA'S REVEAL.................. LOVE THE DUSTBAG!