stealth or black on black birkin

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  1. i just heard it from my best store manager he said they will be comming in as sooon as posible the obejcs in case are a line of limited edition all black birkins and kellys and kelly closure accesories they must be fantastic and the hermes paris made in france stamp is deep stamped only in natural heat so that you can see it but it stays black !!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::nuts::yahoo::nuts::yahoo:
  2. by all black i should of said i mean all of the hardware is black they will only come in exotics or blac box leather !!!!!
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    Did they tell you that even the dust bag, the tissue and the H box will be black too ?

    That's an all black thing in other words.....
  4. Sounds divine :girlsigh:
  5. Can't wait to see them!
  6. I wonder what hardware they'll use. a darker ruthenium, perhaps?
  7. I was told it is mention of ruthenium....
    I am wondering too...
  8. maybe something like the studs of the all-black CL Louis and Freddy Flats:

  9. That sounds divine. Tough chic.
  10. i was told it is a high pressure method on a metal to turn it into black on the surface but i forgot if it is ruthenium

    allanrvj: are those men cl?
  11. I was told it is mention of ruthenium....
    I am wondering too...
  12. Yep. :biggrin:
  13. i have to ask, where did you snap this pic? (if you don't mind telling)

    when i found out there's going to be CL for men, SO and i are quite excited about that.
    now he can have CL too :lol:
  14. yes he said all of the bag all of it with all the regular accesories are balck he also said that it was a new way to make hardware and that to his grasp it had to with titanium but it was reinforced so im not sure but i feel so happy about this its hermes moving on to the future with a very elegant form and i feel that it is so much more than the shadow birkin dont you think?