Stealing Purses @ La Cantera San Antonio

  1. Hi..just posting this for all who live here in San Antonio, TX., and visit the La Cantera Shops, and or the Huebner Oaks. shopping center. It came out on the news that there is someone who has been snatching purses, LV's, Gucci's...etc...if it's designer they take it. This supposedbly happens when you walk out to the parking lot, a woman just runs up and grabs it and takes off. :wtf:I know I dont want my purse stolen by some be careful..The worst part is the police have no leads as to who is doing it, they just know it is a lady. :sad:
  2. Scary! I don't live there, but I am sure that members who do will appreciate the heads up!
  3. Yes, very scary. Probably to the woman thief, it is a lot cheaper than buying a cheezy fake, so she takes the chance.....or she sells them on eBay!
  4. Oh no! :wtf:
  5. YIKES that is scary!!!

  6. Wow! I had heard of similar things in New York a few years ago but I never thought it would become a phenomenon!
  7. that's terrible!!!!!!! That woman is sad.
  8. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to San Antonio (and especially to the shops in La Cantera) in a couple of weeks so it's really good to know.
  9. EEEEK!!! I was just there today...thank God nothing happened. And I had my LV Mono Speedy today!

    Thanks for the heads-up!
  10. Wow!!! That is scary!!!! Hope she isn't stealing identities as well!!!
  11. That is sooo scary.
  12. That horrible woman struck again! I heard on the news tonight that she stole 3 women's purses at a smaller shopping center. She apparently robbed them at gunpoint in the middle of the day!:cursing: That woman is wretched!!!:mad::mad:
  13. I hope they catch that disgusting witch! :cursing: I know most of us TPFers would be crushed to have one of our favorite bags stolen.
  14. OMG! Wouldn't it be great to carry a cell phone and take her picture, if it could be done quick enough?? This is awful!!!
  15. :cursing: That's terrible! I really hope they catch her soon!