Stealing at Coach Boutique...

  1. So I was at my local Coach boutique last was early, the store/mall had just opened, and the SA's were still doing "opening the store" duties.

    I was browsing around, and the SA's were chatting, and one SA was telling the other how a wallet got stolen last night. I guess the store was really packed, and some woman just picked up a display wallet and put it in a shopping bag she had (or handbag? don't recall exactly what). The woman moved towards the door (the SA was watching her the whole time because TECHNICALLY it's not stealing until you leave the store I guess) Finally the woman goes to leave, and just as she crosses the "sensors" in the store and sets the alarm off, the SA runs over (before the woman had fully left the store) and asked to see the insides of her bag.

    Now, this SA was a petite little thing...and from what she was saying, the woman was much larger than her. The woman flat out refused, and then RAN.

    the SA had called mall security, but the woman was never caught.

    All that for a $200 wallet? I just hope that stuff like this doesn't continue and items are then "locked down" in the store under cases or by sensor leashes (like in Macy's)
  2. at holts all coach products are locked down. makes it v annoying to try stuff bc u need "permission"
  3. wow, I can't believe that woman did that! if you can't afford it, then you shouldn't be in the store! how embarrassing for that woman that stole it (running thru a mall)...just imagine seeing that would be crazy! :police:
  4. Unfortunately there are people who CAN afford it and are still thieves.
  5. Seems like I've read somewhere that employees of most retail stores are instructed not to run after a thief for fear of that person causing physical harm to the employee. If that's true, what is the incentive for dishonest people not to steal? In a way, it's almost as if they are being encouraged to help themselves because nobody is going to come after them. Most people, even if they are seen on a video camera, aren't identifiable by the police if they don't have a prior criminal record. :shrugs:
  6. Coach stores need to have their own security guards. Most jewelry stores do, why not Coach stores? They're just as valuable! To most of us anyways. Had that woman grabbed more than 1 wallet, she could've gotten away with thousands of dollars worth of stuff!
  7. yeah and not to mention that some Coach store will have like one SA around and there is ton of people!! very hard to get help as well..
  8. There is a ring of thieves at our local Coach too, the SA's say you would NEVER suspect them because they are always VERY well dressed, and wearing high heels, etc and they always look around first and then grab and run. Lately they hit the Bleecker collection hard, over $1000 in one day. The SA's have turned them in, the mall security knows about them, even the concession stands in the middle of the mall call Coach when they see one of them coming through the mall. They have a getaway car parked at a nearby mall exit, so it has been impossible to catch them so far. They think that they take "orders" for people by the way they grab specific things or colors of things. I think it is disgusting and sickening, the SA's do what they can, but they have yet to catch them. SAD!
  9. Oh my! I know at my Dillards everything is locked upp. I hate it because then you have to ask for help and they start hounding you to buy stuff!
  10. :sad:.. gosh .. that's terrible..
    When I was still in working as retail reps, I remembered that there's a company rule in the training handbook. This rule forbids any employee to accuse directly or even open / check the handbag of the suspicious customers even though we might find out the cut-off price tag when we clean up the fitting room. Everything is about political correctness... so sad...
  11. I think its just so sad that people feel the need to steal things. They ruin it for all the honest people out there. Around Christmas a few years ago I guess someone ran into Macy's and grabbed armfuls of bags and ran out the door, so now they are all locked down. It's so annoying when you want to look at something and try it on. The SA's just stand there and I always feel self-conscious. I know it's weird, I just don't like to be bothered when I'm just looking. And I also agree with the poster who said that sometimes people who have money still steal things. I just don't understand it.
  12. Wow! Just amazing.. I can't people would do that.. ><

    I know all the Coach stores around me have little sensors in every item thats out on the floor.. but the SA hide them VERY well in each item so it's semi-hard to dig thru the item to get it out.. and im pretty sure if a SA see's someone digging throughly thru an item that looks suspicious would assume that they are trying to look for the sensor. >.<

    Coach needs way more security!
  13. We all pay for the people who steal. Like everything else, Coach prices have been rising. Covering theft losses is one of many factors that come into play when companies set prices.
  14. That is so horrible. Stealing is bad, very bad. And ^^^^ not ****i*** fair!
  15. I'd rather it be locked up than open for theft. It just costs me more in the long run when dishonest, thieving scum can waltz in and help themselves with no fear of reprisal.