Steal of the Century - My Ink City!

  1. Some of you who hang out in the Authenticate This! thread may remember that about three weeks ago, I did something stupid. I was surfing eBay after few glasses of wine, and I came across an Ink City. The pictures showed an authentic bag, with a BIN of $550. I jumped on it and bought it instantly without even really thinking. :tdown:

    Then I realised what I had done. Who would sell an Ink City in good condition for that little? Much drama ensued and some very wonderful PFers helped me find out the backstory on the bag, which had sold twice before to the same deadbeat zero-feedback bidder. I decided to just take a chance and wait for the bag to get here before freaking out.

    And today, it did! It's absolutely authentic, beautifully broken in and almost flawless! I love the split tassles, and the only other problem is that the silver tag has fallen off.

    I can't even tell you guys how much I :heart: Ink! I can't get over how beautiful it is as a blue and then as a purple outside. My pictures aren't great because it's overcast here, but this is one beautiful bag!

    And for those of you curious about different blues, I took pictures of all mine clockwise from the left, they are Blue Glacier, Ink, Blueberry, and Cornflower. Now all I need is that elusive French Blue First and I'm a happy camper! :yahoo:



    Ink City Outside.jpg Blues1.jpg Blues2.jpg
  2. Score! Congrats on your fab ink city! That leather looks super smooth. :yahoo:
  3. holy mother of god - that is so gorgy!
    what a steal - congrats. that leather is TD f'ing F!
  4. WOW... OMG, She is so GORGEOUS, CONGRATS and what a deal. I want an ink too :p
  5. Someone has the blues!!! LOL Congrats Chesire!!! The bag looks awesome!!!:heart: I'm sooo happy that everything worked out for you and you got a gorgeous bag!!!!:smile:
  6. Oh Cheshire! I was wondering how you got on. I am so happy for you. You certainly deserve the last laugh considering how much stress you must have gone through over this! That is one gorgeous bag. Ink is stunning. I am sorry some of us in the authenticate this thread freaked you out a bit on that purchase, but it's only because we care about you! We all put our best and honest opinions forward to try and help you out. It just goes to show that limited pics and a low price on an eBay ad doesn't necessarily mean fake. I have certainly learnt a lesson! Congratulations, once again!
  7. WOW what a great deal. :nuts:Usually right decisions are made when you are not sober. :pCongrats:yahoo: it is gorgeous.:drool:
  8. Congrats; your city is a beauty!
  9. congrats!
  10. wow that is some awesome deal for a great ink city!!! maybe you should surf eBay more often with wine goggles. LOL.
  11. I love hearing when good things happen to good people!!!!
  12. wow!!! great deal and on such a gorgeous bag!

    love your blue-hued collection too!
  13. I don't think I could do another wine-induced eBay purchase. My blood pressure simply couldn't take another experience like this. I'm so, so glad it worked out like it did - but it was really stressful, as KDC and others can attest!

    Thanks for all the kind words ladies! I'm bouncing off the walls with joy over this baby!
  14. What a beauty! I love Ink too - it's so versatile. Enjoy your new addition to the beautiful family!
  15. I love stories like these! Congratulations! It's gorgeous