steakfrite vs fsh: round 2

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  1. ok i know i didn't actually do a reveal for round 1, that was in june, and i don't have the energy to take photos of all the loot from that trip (i'm really in awe of the tpf-ers who spend all that time and effort doing up the reveals with hundreds of pictures including modeling shots) so here's the highlight of my recent trip to fsh...
  2. [​IMG]
  3. as i mentioned in another thread, i was all ready to give up when this orange box made its appearance...

    (a quick recap)
    my SA had (very patiently) presented me with a whole parade of birkins in other colours, black, indigo, bougainvillier, etc... there was also a graphite retourne kelly in clemence that sort of waved a paw at me but didn't really shout "bring me home", a kelly so flash in gold/orange (but i already have a gold birkin...)
  4. so there we were, hidden away in the menswear section, away from the madness that was the handbag section (so that my SA would not get lynched by the mob whenever i said no to a bag)... as an aside, i would highly recommend avoiding fsh in september, as it appears to be the height of the tourist season in paris...
  5. [​IMG]

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  7. I am here!! Can't wait to see what is in the big box!!
  8. steakfrite I am here..:popcorn: can't wait to see....:nuts:
  9. i am here too
  10. Just in time for your round 2!
  11. i must say, my heart was beating really fast when we got to this stage at the store... somehow, i just knew that this bag would be the one... i don't know how and i don't know why, but i just knew it...


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  12. Big box . . . .
  13. hello all!!

    so anyone wants to hazard a guess on the colour?

    (hint: i was inspired to ask for this colour because of Lutz's recent post on MCC's trip to Taipei and a yummy mummy-to-be TPF-er was carrying a birkin in this colour)
  14. [​IMG]

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  15. Oh cool a live one!