Steak Houses

  1. I'm looking for a nice Steak House in the OC area...which means Lawry's is outta the picture...:crybaby:

    HmM... Ruth's Chris, Morton's, or Flemings? I can't go to a too much of a PishPosh place kuz it's gona be a bday gathering...

    Also, what are your SIDE ORDER MUST HAVES when eating steak??!! :drool:

    mine...*Cowboy Ribeye with asparagus n garlic mashed potatoes*
  2. must have sauteed spinach or asparagus, also the mushrooms are always excellent w/ steak!
  3. ^ mmm I love asparagus!
  4. asparagus... and mashed potatoes for me.. although being filipino, i would prefer rice.. hehe
  5. I hear Ruth's Chris is quite good..
    I can't eat my steak without some mushrooms!
  6. Ruth's Chris in Beverly Hills is my favorite. I'm not a big eater so their Petit Filet Mignon is the perfect size for me. They serve it sizziling in melted butter! I agree that mushrooms are great with steak, as well as mashed potatoes, and I like any kind of green veggies with it.....
  7. I :heart: Morton's for steak! Have tried it around the US and it's consistantly good. You should save room for their fabulous souffle. Really, when I go there I have their yummy Cosmo, bread, steak and a souffle. I usually don't order a side because I want to save room for dessert. Heaven I tell ya... Of course I'd be a million pounds heavier if I went as often as I like. :yahoo:

    Not a big fan of Ruth's Chris... I had it in FL (I think it was there...) and wasn't too happy with my steak.
  8. Of the chain restaurants, I love Outback Steakhouse. They usually cook my steak perfectly. For sides, I love sweet potatoes and gin & tonics.
  9. I think Ruth's Chris is the best but the Godiva cake at Mortons is to die for.... It's warm with gooey Godiva chocolate in the middle. Mmmmm......... I take customers out for dinner all the time so I have frequented all of them far too often:smile:

    By the way OP, your doggie looks just like mine. What kind is it?
  10. He's a Maltese! :love: of course that was taken while he was still a puppy~ hehe

    **oh...and THANK YOU sooo much for your input!!! Making me HUNGRRY!!! :nuts: :drool:

  11. WOOO THANKS!!! this one I'll definitely make note of to go next time!!! :nuts:
  12. Ruths Criss is amazing.
  13. I just made my aviater my maltipoo. The other maltipoo (her sister) is pure white and is the one that looks like yours. I just brought her home a week ago so I haven't taken any pictures yet. You're right.... all of this talk is making me hungry too.:drool: