Steady owners - how are the magnets?

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  1. Any Steady owners here? Haven't seen them discussed too much lately and am wondering how the magnetic closure on the top is holding up, now that some of you may have had the bag for awhile.

    I would like to try this bag but I'm worried about the strength of the magnets on top - are they holding up well? (I ask b/c I have had a few bags from different designers with magnetic closures; some have held up well and others haven't.)

    Thanks for any help anyone might be able to give. :smile:
  2. I have the steady....just got it last week. I used it from Saturday and I am still using it now. I think it is great. The magnets work great and are really strong. Plus the structure of the bag will make it kind of difficult to get it. If you need more info on the steady let me know. I would be happy to give you ALL my thoughts on it! What color are you thinking about?
  3. Thanks for the response! I like the Dusty with Silver Spot :smile: So it feels like the magnets will hold up? Thanks for posting this, it makes me feel less worried. Most of my bags with magnet closures have the magnets on the side pockets or something so it's not a big deal if they weaken but I'd hate for that to happen on a bag where they are the only top closure, you know?

    I see that you also have the Dusty/Silverspot! Do you love it? :smile:
  4. Oh of course! Well to tell you all about the Steady from my 5 days straight carrrying experience of it! It is not as comfortable on the shoulder as the MAM. I can fit the MAM perfectly on my shoulder (without a coat) Since the top of the steady is stiff because of the magnet closure top it feels a little awkward. have the shoulder strap which is great and I like the look of the Steady rested on the lower arm anyway. I am going to try to have my boyfriend takes pics of me wearing it tonight so I can post them for you to see! The bag is identical front and back. There are pockets on both sides but I wouldn't put anything in those front pockets because they only have a small snap closure and I wouldn't trust it because things could fall out. The bag has been breaking in even more in this 5 days. The dusty color will def have to be cared for more. I treated it as soon as I got it and sprayed it with the rain protectant. I might even have to get the leather cleaner for this bag BUT I think most of the wear look will happen in the first days of wearing it. I bought this from another tPFer and she used it for 1 or 2 weeks I forget! So it was already slightly broken in....but I liked that. Other than that PERFECT condition! The silverspot will def hold up great. I was hesitant about this bag because I never saw it in real life before I bought it and was concerned about the color but I have already gotten a bunch of compliments on it and admiring looks. I would def recommend it. If you need more details let me know! Sorry I wrote so much but I know I asked the seller 10 thousand questions b/c of my hesitation so I just want to give you as many details as possible. Let me know what you decide!
  5. This is so fabulous - thank you so much! Really helpful info :smile: I would love to see a pic if you get the chance to take one, thank you!
  6. Oh of course! Like I said, the leather hasn't changed in my 5 days of using it and my only slight compliant is the awkwardness on the shoulder. I don't even carry bags there much anyway but just in case you like to....The shoulder strap is my fav part about it. And the bag is pretty light in weight too!!!! I have to have my boyfriend take the pics but I should have something up for you tonight! If I forget PLEASE post something here or PM me!!!!
  7. I'm so glad you guys are talking about this -- I just ordered the bag (never seen in flesh--yikes!) and will chime in when it gets here.

    I don't even plan to wear this on shoulder with handles much -- those rolled handles are uncomfortable on my shoulders and one handle always slips off and sticks out and looks goofy. From the pics I've seen it looks best on the forearm or in hand, anyway.
  8. Looks great on the forearm, hand and with the long strap on the shoulder. I was scared when I purchased it but I couldn't be happier!!!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am....
  9. Cig0408, please post those pics soon!
  10. i have a dusty/silver spot Steady, too & i love it!!! it is definitely a carry-on-the-arm bag, but if you are petite, you will be able to wear it cross body, as well. i, too get many compliments on this gorgeous bag. i think this is one of the more classic RM designs, but still very of the moment and different. the silver spot has just enough subtle shine, not at all mirror like - this is good to know if you are shy about metallics (i am, this is the only metallic piece i have). of all the tan/ beige bags i own, this one finishes a trench coat look the best. i also like that it can be worn in both casual and dressier settings. my magnets are holding up really well btw. i bought mine in early march, and it has seen a lot of use!
    since you guys sound like you have done your research, does anyone know if the straps available on are any longer than the one that comes w the bag?
  11. Ok I have NEVER posted pics in the forum yet. So I hope this comes out okay. Let me know if you guys want more. I took them myself but if you need better modeling pics my BF can take them. AND please excuse the sweats and my comfy clothes already!!!

  12. Ok that didn't how do I get pics on the forum???
  13. Is there a zipper too, or just the magnets?

    cig, try posting under "go advanced" andjust attach it directly.
  14. Click on the little paper clip next to the "A" in the top bar of the post and it will let you search your computer to attach the photos.

    Can't wait to see - thanks for posting! And thank you everyone for your thoughts! I have one on its way to me (my last bag with code...boohoo! LOL) so I hope I like it!

    And daphodil, I am pretty sure there are only magnets and no zippers but some of the Steady owners can correct me if I'm wrong?
  15. only magnets....3 big ones....okay going to try posting pics again. i tried the go advanced and attaching there but i kept getting an error that the files were too big....going to try hitchcock blonde's way now! keep your fingers crossed!!!