Steady in Sterling - pics + review

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  1. So I started a thread a little while ago about the steady in sterling and my disappointment with it.

    I just got my steady today from bloomies, and I thought I would take a few pictures to share before I returned it.

    Here is my opinion: the steady itself is a great bag, but the sterling color does not go with it AT ALL. The leather on the sterling is not smooshy and pebbly and it's not shiny and smooth - it's textured and rough, like sandpaper. If the leather was more like rosegold it would be a much nicer handbag.
    I do like the steady shape, though, so I am considering getting it in another color.

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  2. That's really too bad. It looks great in photos but scratchy, rough leather is never a good thing. I'm loving the Steady, though! Very cute design.
  3. Oh wow, that baby is GLITTERY. Thanks for taking pics for us! Something like that would be great in a clutch, but for an everyday bag maybe not so much. I wish the longer strap
  4. i think your right taking it back the colour is a little off:confused1:
  5. Thanks for your review! I had been wondering about the bag in this color. I was trying to decide between the dusty/silver spot and this. Your review is helpful, thank you! Keep us posted if you get another color!
  6. ITA. If the sterling color came in the date clutch or as the trim on the matinee, it would be perfect. But as a big bag, it's too overpowering. As for the strap, it totally should be a little longer - it's kinda awkward to wear cross-body.
  7. I actually like this bag. It looks cool and different.
  8. ^^They do have the sterling in LEX clutch which i thinkis beautiful! I think the sterling is a pretty metallic but too overwhelming in the steady.

    Thanks for the review Daniela!
  9. I love this bag! It is a stunner! The sparkle makes it very eye catching and unique
  10. Can you imagine this bag out in the sunlight?! IT would be like a handbag made out of diamond flecks. I bet it would be just spectacular. Not sure if I could handle the rough texture, though.

    Its making me rethink my lemming for the yellow/sterling morning after because I'm not sure I want the rough textured leather on the handles where I'll be carrying it on my bare forearms. Ouch.
  11. i just ordered a steady in Jade. I hope it looks good~ thanks for your review! it was very helpful.
  12. ^^i think i'm going to give in soon and get the lex. I've been wanting a lex, because i think of it as my mini matinee ;)
  13. I like the leather but I don't like it on such a big bag, thanks for the review!
  14. Thanks for the review!!

    This is very disappointing to hear, as I have been so in love with the steady in sterling since Megs' PF exclusive on RM's spring line. Oh well, plenty of other RM bags to love!!
  15. You know, I agree that the color just doesn't seem to suit the Steady shape which needs something more sleek and less glittery. But I wonder if it would be more appealing in an MAM? Or I bet it would be adorable as a Lex!