Staying power of the Coco Cabas--

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  1. do you girls think this is a one to two season bag, or one that will look good for some time?
  2. I adore big bags and I plan to use mine until it falls apart, regardless of whether or not big bags are "in." I don't think that any Chanel bag will ever go out of style.
  3. That pretty much answered my Q, thanks.
    I'm really liking the coco cabas, especially the small.
  4. Big bags will always be in for the right people. I have never nor will I ever use a small bag.
  5. I always find my bag is "in", until something I like better comes along and turns my head! I see Chanel as a classic, always instyle.
  6. i think it'll last a looong time especially for the leather version. not sure about the vinyl though
  7. ^^seahorse, what are you doing out of the bbag forum! :smile:
  8. Oh but to answer the question, I hope so...since I have two now and hope to have three!
  9. I hope so too! LOVE mine! And it's my first chanel so it'd better stick around!
  10. Amazing! So since they're new now and it seems there are huge waiting lists (something like the Nintendo Wii or playstation 3 releases that I am familiar with)

    When will they actually be in stores so people can just go in and pick one up?
  11. The Cabas is a bit trendy, but being a Chanel it will always have value. You can't go wrong with Chanel!

  12. i was wondering the same thing....
  13. I want to say that it will last but I really think it is quite trendy, like the cambon line.
  14. Well, I love mine now and hope I am still loving it and wearing it years from now :smile:
  15. I think we'll see the cabas for years.