Stay out of my bags!!!

  1. Do you ever let your SO or kids go into your bag? My family knows to stay away from my bags - if they need or want something in it they have to come to me. I recently got a new LV and I freak if little messy dirty hands go near it! Anyone else as anal about this as I am?:shame:
  2. ^^ I'm not, but my So is. If I ask him to hand me something from my bag, he always hands me the bag & wll NOT reach in to get something.
  3. My BF would never go in to my handbag without my permission...our 8 year old doesn't either. Some things are sacred!
  4. lol I so agree! ^^
  5. i don't mind if my bf or family member is inside my bag- even my bff's, i'm actually ok with. I know that they would never dig through my wallet and that is all that matters.
  6. My purse is usually in the car parked in the garage. So, my kids will ask to go get it...if they need something out of it. But that's rare. My husband used to go in it if he needed cash but he always messed up my wallet so now he'll bring me the wallet and ask for cash out of it. Nice...unless it's 6am and I'm still sleeping.
  7. My DH hands me my bag if he needs to get anything from it. My kids ask my permission to open. I think my kids are older so no messy hands anymore.
  8. :graucho: Nobody is allowed to touch my bags! I'm too scary that someone is not carefully enough :shame:
  9. My husband gets into mine everyday. He has this habit of making sure I have enough cash on me everyday so before he leaves for work (I work nights so I'm asleep) he gets in and adds cash to my wallet. He does sometimes put things back in rather haphazardly, but what can I say...He's giving me loot. I really don't mind....BUT KIDS???? NO WAY!
  10. Anybody can go in my bag. Well actually no, only mom, dad, and bro if they need something. But aunts, and cousins , no! Don't know why!
  11. I'm quite anal about every single thing I own. ;p If I treasure it so much, I don't see why others should ruin it for me.
  12. My 5 year old is always rumaging in my bag.....

    I don't mind.
  13. Same here! My 2year old daughter hold and totes my bags at home.;)
  14. My husband hands me the bag even after I ask him to get me something from inside it. Children are n/a.
  15. My husband can go into my bag to get out my wallet. However, I have to admit I don't let him carry my LV keepall anymore for me when we travel... :shame: I know he is just being gentlemanly, but he always carries it by the handles instead of the strap and they have gotten really dirty (of course, I don't say any of this to him, I just tell him "I've got it, honey.")