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  1. OK! One big decision to make tonight!

    I ordered a Matita Sloane but it turns out to be a Matita Large Veneta when I open the package. I cant believe my eyes for one minute...although I have always wanted a Large Veneta (but in Ebano) and some other seasonal colors in other styles.

    Because I have no BV boutique near me, I can't try the bags to see how it looks on me. So I can't help myself and try the Large Veneta in front of the mirror....and the Large Veneta is just right....

    So now I'm torn between the colors and styles...
    Should I return the Matita Large Veneta and still get the Matita Sloane.
    If I keep it I know I will still get the Ebano in Large Veneta later (Classic color on classic style)...and still get a Sloane in other colors too.
    What should I do?

    do I make myself clear at all?? >__<
  2. How much do you like the Matita veneta? I think you should keep it only if you really like it. It sounds like you have your heart set on an Ebano veneta.

    I personally wouldn't get different styles in the same colour unless you are absolutely in love with the colour. But the same style in different colour- most definitely if the style works for you.

    Just my 2 cents worth. Do let us know what you decide. Oh and pics please!!! :P
  3. nzclaire... one question: Are you looking at this mix-up a happy accident or not? That just might help give you the answer you need.

    I vote for you to keep it only if you're in love with it! The Veneta is the quintessential BV Bag IMO... it's a really great shape, holds a lot and the "hangability" (using Bichon Lover's new term) is perfect in Large. Have you seen or tried the Sloane before? It hangs very differently (closer to your armhole; slightly heavier also) and the overall effect is "bulkier" than the relatively "flat" Veneta due to the bags' dimensions. (note: I'm using bulky & flat as descriptors but I don't mean it in a negative way at all). BTW, what did you like about the Sloane? Maybe that might help others steer you in the right direction. I have and love both styles but I use the Veneta more often.

    PS: Did you purchase this from BV or somewhere else? That might also be a factor to consider given that you paid Sloane prices for a Veneta. You should try to get a refund in case you decide to keep the latter... unless of course it was pre-loved and was going for a steal.
  4. I think the Matita Large veneta is lovely. Why not get wait for the sloane in another color instead? Not sure if they still have Moro, which is a dark brown but they will probably have something close to ebano in the near future.
  5. I hadn't heard before there was a Matita Sloane... Are we sure such a thing even exists? If you love the colour and the style I say keep it, if not both then no, send it back and get the Veneta in a colour you do love. Make sure you didn't pay Sloane price for a Veneta, though!
  6. #6 Feb 8, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2010
    sngsk, telling the truth...I would probably pass it if I see her in the store. I know Matita in this season is bit flat in color not as much depth gray as Ferro, so I was kind of "OK...this is what it looks like IRL". No great desire no absolutely love when I open the box, but I might also change my mind after I have a sleep? Whether the day light would make the bag shine, I dont know. AND!! you point out my fear as well - that I will decide to keep it because of the style and get still get a ebano veneta in the future (although I think it happens to everyone, different colors for the same style).

    TDL, no, there was no love no stars in my eyes...but I do keep going back to look at the bag though, see if I can find something special in it. I understand the great hangability of Large Veneta now and thats why its difficult for me to send it back...because I dont know how the Sloane going to look on me and whether its going to fit me nicely on the shoulder and whether I would find it bulky and not as nice as Veneta...., I just dont know about the color (Matita) otherwise I am quite happy for this accident though. I've got her from a reputable seller in new condition so if I decide to keep it, I think I can get some credits later.

    spendalot, I wonder about that possibility too...but I am trying to limit my spending on the bags. and I know myself that I will definitely get an Ebano Veneta and hold myself back from Sloane since I have some other financial arrangements.

    BookerMoose, I havent seen anyone with a Matita Sloane yet and I did wonder about the same thing...and told myself maybe people just not into Sloane much. I love the style and debate on the color at this hasn't sing its song to me yet, I got this bag from a reputable seller so I believe I will be able to get some credits back if I choose to keep the bag with you like your Matita in Montaigne? what do you feel about this color?? the question I ask myself is, do I want 2 Veneta in different colors? or do I want 2 different style in different color...and will I regret if I return it for the Sloane and find out I should rather keep the Matita Veneta. I have read lots pros and cons on the Sloane and decided to give it a shot...and now I am not sure.
  7. This is a long shot, but I have to ask if you can try this: since you got the Veneta from a reputable seller, would she be able to send you the Sloane (which she was originally supposed to) so that you can try on both and return the one you don't want? It was her mistake after all, and she could make that gesture in good faith? Alternatively, could you pay for the Sloane, on the condition that it's on consignment, try both bags and return the one you like less for a full refund?

    I know it sounds crazy, but stores sometimes allow you to try bags (they send a few to you on consignment), so it might be worth a try.

    Personally, if the bag doesn't make your heart sing, I would return it. If you love the style but don't dig the colour, I would suggest just waiting for your Ebano. And, if it's the colour that you find blah, then you should ask yourself if you even want to bother to see the Sloane, since you'll have the same issue.

    I'm a little biased... I thought Matita was really flat when I saw it... but I loved how the Matita large Veneta looked on me when I carried it - it was so nicely understated and it really grew on me. I'm not as keen on the Sloane because I find it too puffy under the arm. The large Veneta is more comfortable on me and easier to use.
  8. Sounds like you don't love the matita on the large veneta at all. I think you should return it since it's mistake on seller's part in sending you the wrong bag.
  9. If you don't love it, return it!
  10. personally... between the ebano large veneta and the matita large veneta, i would definitely prefer for the ebano. ebano is just such a rich yummy chocolate brown...

    but MichK is right, BV does consignment and that may be a great option for you to decide on what is suitable for you!
  11. sounds like ultimately you really want to own an ebano veneta so hold out for that. ebano is a wonderful color. by the way i think the same style in different colors and the same color in different colors is just fine.
  12. I agree. I think you're trying too hard to find reasons to like it. You shouldn't need to do that, considering the money you spent--regardless of price. If you don't love it, it wasn't worth whatever you paid for it (it's not as if you got it for free). I think you should just wait for the bag you really want, and your patience will be worth it.
  13. I personally like the matt Nappa Matita, probably more than the one with the sparklies, but I am not a sparkly person so I am drawn more to flatter colours. I do think that to my knowledge there is no such thing as Nappa Umbria Matita - or at least I have never seen or heard of it - and if that is the case there is likely no such thing as a Matita Sloane. There is the Ferro Sloane, which is also somewhat sparkly, but I don't think that the old Matita that had the sparkly bits was ever used for the Sloane (it wasn't Nappa Umbria either - and I think all Sloanes are Nappa Umbria). Even if Matita was done in Nappa Umbria, that also doesn't necessarily mean it would have the sparkly bits... It is all so complicated (why didn't BV just call this one something other than Matita to confuse us all?!)

    I think you should return it. You should love both the colour and the bag - one isn't enough IMHO given the amount these things cost... But I wouldn't do it on the basis that you can get a Matita Sloane instead because I really don't think they exist - although I would be happy to be proved wrong!

  14. bookermouse,

    I went through this same decision with the matita recently. Took everyone's advice and agree with the costs you should be in love.

    Fyi Erica at hgtbags has matita sloane for sale.
  15. you can always get a large veneta in another color. i was with some fabulous ladies this weekend and they agreed that although the sloane has great appeal, the veneta is much easier to wear and use. remember only get what you love!