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  1. Hey, I have been deliberating wether to stay at my school after I have done my GCSEs or go to another sixth form college.

    Plus points of my school:
    1-I have many great friends
    2-The atmosphere is great
    3-I like all of the teachers

    Negative points of my school:
    1-They wont let me take the A-level options I want to because they think taking new subjects will be too much for me.
    2-They told me if I didnt like it, I should leave.

    Plus points of New school:
    1-There are a better variety of subjects that I would like to take.
    2-The school seems really interesting and I am ready for a change.

    Negative points of New school:
    1-I would miss my friends so much.
    2-It is an all boys school till the sixth form - I am a girl and currently go to an all girls school - it would seem quite weird.
    3-I dont know many people that go there.

    I really cant decide, I feel like I need a change, however I only just decided last week that I wanted to go to this other school, so maybe I am rushing it? What do you think?
  2. I went to an all girls school and am so pleased I did, we could go to school looking grotty and not give a sh*t! Once you get to uni then there will be loads of guys! I think I would have found it off putting at school but I had matured enough by the time I got to uni. Put it this way I would have done no work if there had been guys at school! Which school do you go to?
  3. isn't there a third choice of school? all girls but you can make your own choices? the subjects you have to stick with - are they a total disaster for you?

    I have to say to an extent I agree with your school. you are going for your a-levels, they are really important for uni, so better to try out new stuff once you got those out of the way. I'd stay where you are - I changed school just before my german a-levels and it was a big mistake - new teachers, new people, etc - and I didn't even have to do this, long story but just me being a bratty teenager, basically. I was popular with teachers and students in my old school and would have succeeded greatly, instead i got a mediocre mark (to me). fair enough, I learned my lesson for uni, as I really went for it then, but effectively I ruined my last two years of school (for a girl who isn't even my BFF now). so if it is just for the fun of 'trying out' something new, keep it for your first year at uni, etc. in your a levels all that matters is to get good marks, IMO.
  4. I had totally forgotten about this post lol! I have sat my exams already and am awaiting the results on the 23rd of August (am so worried lol). I don't think I will leave the school I already go to as I am settled, the subjects aren't that bad that I have to take and plus I have signed up for the Iceland trip next year :yahoo:and my friends have persuaded me so stay lol! My exams didn't go as well as I thought so I don't think I will get the grades for the other school anyway :sad:!