Stay Away from this Seller

  1. I don't want to harp on really bad, in fact :cursing: sofa king bad eBay seller, but they deal in designer merchandise (shoes and handbags) and are horrible to deal with. Steer clear of the user xxxxxxxxx for items on eBay, as they do not ever contact you, even after taking your money. I just dealt with this seller, and I had to threaten a dispute to get my Gucci shoes. Then, the seller lied in the feedback about it. Just want to warn all my friends here about this seller, irreputable!
  2. thanks archygirl!
  3. thanks for the heads up!
  4. Sorry you had such a hard time. Thanks for letting us know!
  5. Thanks, always good to know
  6. Is this the item you bought on Monday? Wow - you received it within a week and still opened up a dispute and negged? I'm not sure I would have opened a dispute up within 3 days of winning - even Neiman Marcus don't deliver that quickly!
  7. I agree with dcgal. eBay sellers can not be held up against the same customer service standards as other places, even if one could argue that they should be.

    Typically I wait at least two weeks, with or without communications. Some sellers are terrible about keeping buyers up-to-date on shipping and some of them are also quite slow getting the items shipped. But in my opinion as long as item is received and in the same condition as described in the auction, the seller can not be faulted much.

    Slow shipping and/or no communication is annoying, but not wrong-doing in ebay-universe. In all fairness, I think it's widely accepted that the most one could/should do is neutral-feedback.
  8. Talk about impatient! Okay, am I missing something? According to the auction, it ended on jan 29, and you rec'd the item on feb 5, correct? Considering it was a weekend too?

    How do you file a dispute wihin a couple of days of the auction ending? That is damn good for an ebay transaction IMO. What if they were an international seller?

    OMG. I am glad you wrote this because it will tell people not to deal with YOU! If I were the seller, I would file with ebay to get the neg removed. And all for an $89 item you neg them. Wow. I am just floored.
  9. Although I certainly prefer to be notified if something has shipped and do the same when I sell something and although I also prefer for it to be shipped the next day (and do the same), ebay's rules are that the seller has a week to ship the item before it's considered "not playing by the rules" and in that sense, this seller did not violate ebay policy. Perhaps because the seller has so much negative feedback (although mostly for condition, not for slow shipping), the OP felt uneasy about the transaction.
  10. ^ ITA with spendingmore, coz this is crazy. Looking at the auction, you got the item within 5 business days of the auction ending, and you're complaining? Why? Some sellers do have lives outside ebay! Sheesh! The seller might have poor communication, but they didn't deserve the negative and they certainly didn't deserve you posting this warning.
  11. I hate when a seller is non-communicative after I win and pay (usually instantly.) It's horrible to not knowing what is going on.

    However, if I were to receive the item within a week... all is forgiven! :smile:
  12. Wow, I'm with everyone else. Issuing out a negative so quickly was completely unwarranted. Shipping after two business days, with a tracking number to boot, is within standard practice. The seller definitely didn't deserve the negative feedback. I would hate for a hasty negative to affect his business.
  13. The OP is clearly unreasonable. Wow. The things you read on here some days.
  14. I think the OP is way out of line here...waiting seven days in very reasonable. The neg was not deserved.
  15. I'm very confused as well. I have come to understand especially with sellers that deal in high volume, that they cannot possibly respond to every e-mail so quickly. As long as I get the product in a reasonable amount of time (as the OP seemed to) and it is in great condition - whats the problem?