Stay away from this fake TODS

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    This fake has the wrong lining for this bag (the real version), TOD'S do not use this lining, it should have a canvas lining.

    This seller has even added a bag of TOD'S hardware and a paper with TOD'S on it. This seller sold this bag and I was able to alert the buyer before she paid, but the seller has relisted this fake.

    please take a moment to go to the bottom of the listing and report this fake bag.

    Thanks fellow authentic purse lovers!
  2. Thanks for the warning!:tup::tup::tup:

    Stay away from all FAKES.... FAKES ARE SCAMS!
  3. Make sure you read the answer to the question asked. I bet she asked herself the question so she could include her BS inthe answer. If TOD'S saw a picture of that fake bag they would certainly not send her the hardware.
    Pathetic, hopefully it gets pulled before yet another buyer falls for her BS.
    Report, report, report!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.