stay away from these fake horsebits

  1. Don't you sometimes wanna email the seller & say "your full of crap, give me a break!"
  2. Thanks for keeping us posted w/ all the fake gucci:flowers:
  3. Aaallabama - I don't know what you do for a living girl, but you need to head up a FBI task force to bring these fake sellers down. Seriously, I sincerely respect how much energy you put into this and make the forum such a great place.
  4. Okay, I just took a look at the pictures - the least she could do is fix her nail polish!!!!!!!!!!
  5. lol, that's a great idea Jo Ly, maybe i could open up my own firm :yes:...also, thanks so much for the props girl!!!
  6. hehe....THOSE are HORRIBLE FAKES......its all shiny...
  7. You totally should!!!!!!!

    I just asked the seller how they get the bags for so little considering the retail is up to 5 times more than her selling price, it's ridiculous. For those that can get Gucci legitimately for a discount (i.e. I have a friend who works at Holt Renfrew here in Canada and could purchase Gucci for significantly less than retail), the discount doesn't even come close to that price - that seller, amongst the others, is ridiculous.
  8. Thanks for the warning on these fakes, aaallabama! Maybe ebay should hire you in top position to review all gucci merchandise for its authenticity and quality control issues before it can be posted and auctioned. This is getting way out of hand.
  9. I don't know why Ebay doesn't have an auditing group to screen items/sellers, etc., it would be in their best interests - think about it, all of the lost sales of people who won't buy from Ebay because of fake sellers, have an auditing team and gain consumer's confidence that way they will buy and return for future business!!!
  10. i agree. these fakers just damage ebay's reputation. ebay should be closed until they establish a "cleaner" marketplace to do business.
  11. i couldn't agree with you gals more, it's like e-bay doesn't even care that people are selling fakes on their website :sad:...the people who need to get involved are the companies they're & balenciaga & LV & whoever, need to get people on the case...hire them full-time to scour over e-bay's listings & take down these people's auctions :hrmm:
  12. I agree. Imagine if you could look through ebays listing's and not have to read all the feedback someone gets eveytime you look at a bag. and ask 100 questions and become a private investigator. Asking questions like this: have you heard of this seller, do you think this is real, where did you purchase this bag, it's guaranteed autheitic right? Imagine if they had people who investgated it for. Ebay would be a much better place.
  13. No kidding!! WTF! these bags are so cheap and crappy looking.
  14. hehehehe.... we all should!

    Janice - I love that pic under your name!!!