Stay away from Singer22!!!

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  1. I purchased the Loeffler Randall Matilde boots about three weeks ago. I got an e-mail saying they were backordered and haven't been shipped. I was okay with waiting and hadn't ordered them through another vendor (who didn't have a backorder) because I had applied a 10% coupon code. I got the confirmation email with the total (with the 10% coupon applied) but yet on my credit card statement, the full amount was charged.

    I called customer service and spoke to this ridiculous valley girl that claimed she was the manager. She said that the discount doesn't apply to backordered products, and that I should read the fine print. I said I'd like to cancel the order, and she said I couldn't, and that I could only receive store credit. What kind of scam is this?!?! I told her I was going to notify my credit card company, and she said it was ok, because they have fine internet sales without me. Singer22 totally sucks.
  2. Unfortunately, she's right. Here's what their website says:

    Returns and exchanges: Singer22 prides itself on offering the highest quality merchandise. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase simply return the unused item in its original condition within 14 days and we will provide you with an online store credit(GOOD FOR 1 YEAR) or exchange, less shipping costs.(***Do not return any sale merchandise, you will not be given a store credit***)
    A shipping fee of $9.95 will be charged for exchanges. The original shipping fee will be deducted from the store credit for any order which included free shipping ($9.95 for U.S. orders)

    For items received past the 14 days there will be a 20% restocking fee. Please note returns for different sizes/colors etc. the purchaser is responsible for shipping charges. Items purchased via the internet may not be returned to our retail stores. PLEASE NOT THAT REFUNDS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

    Caps are theirs, not mine. Sorry this happened to you.
  3. Sorry this happened to you, but backordered item is not your fault. I don't think you should get penalized for it, talk to your credit card co.
  4. i wonder how can they survive with this kind of return policy.....they are crazy!
  5. I'll have to remember to unsubscribe to their newsletter the next time I receive one. There are far too many online shops from which to chose to have to deal with not only people like that but stringent return policies like theirs. I had similar dealings with ShopRumor, and as soon as I use my $300 store credit, I won't be ordering from them again. It's the principle of the matter. I'm sorry for what happened to you tresemilita.
  6. I know, it really is hideous. I'm not the type to get upset about this stuff either, but she was just so rude-- I felt like I was dealing with a used car salesman. Places like Blaec and Revolve put these low budg sites to shame... The lesson learned is always read the fine print!

  7. True!! That's how I learned my lesson.:sad:
  8. As a fellow online boutique owner, that stuff just ticks me right off. Re-stocking fee? I mean's called the cost of doing business! I've never heard of not being able to return something for a refund if it doesn't fit right. What if it's damaged, do you get only store credit for that as well?
    That kind of thing speaks to me like they are spending the money as soon as it comes in...i.e., living on customer purchase credit, as it were.
    I know that the only time I don't allow refunds is for items discounted 30% or more and that's due to experience. I would never shop from a store that held onto my money regardless of why the item needed to be returned.
  9. I agree completely. I was simply calling because I thought they made an error by not charging me the 10% discount. I definitely feel as though I was tricked because I received an e-mail confirmation stating my total, which included the 10% discount, however my credit card was charged a different amount.

    Because of the $60 dollar difference, they lost a customer completely (and all my friends, who I will definitely tell) so they will be paying the price in the long run. Plus, who in their right mind would order from a website with no refund return policy? Insanity.
  10. I've heard so many horror stories about that Singer22 over the past year --defective items sent, no refund/exchange/reimbursement, customer got yelled at when raising the complaint with a CSR over the phone; item sent late; item shipped to wrong address. Occasionally I take a peek at what new styles they're selling but never will I actually buy from that website. What they stock most other online boutiques have as well -- and usually at a lower price and with actual customer service.
  11. Aaah! I wish I knew this before. I hope everyone can learn from this and from now on shop only with reputable sites.
  12. singer22 does suck! i ordered from there a year ago or so and of course they ran out of what I wanted. Luckily there was no backorder so they didn't charge my CC.
  13. I'm sorry this happened. That totally sucks. I certainly won't be getting anything from them. Thanks for the warning!
  14. As in business, I thought you could not be charged for the item until it shipped, and in fact it is still backordered - why are you being charged at ALL. They can put an auth for the amount of the charge to place the order, but in a day or two they either charge the full amount or release the funds as to what is the status of shipment. You should not be charged until that item actually ships to you. Talk you your company and just cancel the order- its not actually an return if you have NEVER received the item in the first place. CANCEL and let them be.
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