Stay away from NM repairs

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  1. I sent them my Gucci White Boston Bag ( for cleaning. The SA said they would re-dye, clean the inside and clean the velvet in front and back. The corners had all started to peel (after only a few months -- though I did carry it tons--). Anyway, the repair center called and told me they didn't think re-dying was necessary so they would just clean and ship back. It just came back today, the inside and the velvet haven't been touched at all. The peeling parts seem to have been covered in that white gooey dye you use on kids dress shoes. So basically all they did was rub some white stuff on the corners and on the area near the handles (getting it on the hardware mind you).
    Has anyone had experience with Gucci repairs? I'm tempted to have it dyed closer to the grey color that seems to be showing through. Also any ideas about how to clean the velvet myself?
    Edit: Also the metal part (the little knob you push to release the clasp) on the clasp in the front had been removed and tossed inside and now it doesn't seem to work!
  2. Wow, sorry to hear about your experience. Did you call them yet to complain about the appearance of the bag? Perhaps speak to someone in charge?
  3. I will call and complain, probably tomorrow, since I'm supposed to be studying for a final. Right now though I'm trying to fix the clasp!
  4. Wow. When they said "dye" you shouldve run fast as I could in the other direction. But 'coulda/shoulda' wont help you now, Im very sorry you had this experience. Sounds like they completely destroyed it, can you show us what they did???
  5. I think it will have to be recolored somehow eventually because the original dye just doesn't want to stick to parts of it. Pictures probably won't help, since it looks ok (it's just sticky:cursing:). My real problem now is the broken clasp!
  6. I'm so sorry to hear what has happened! However, I'm sure something will be done when you call to complain, as it was totally their fault. Demand proper reparations and don't accept no for an answer!
  7. I would demand a new bag since you said the bag is only a few months old. If they do not still have that bag I would then demand a credit so you can get something of equal value. Since you said the bag is only a few months old it should not matter if you used the bag everyday or only once it should hold up better then that. Of course unless you dragged it on the outside of your car while driving.
  8. The bag is from last summer, that have had it for like 3 months to repair and I basically stopped carrying it in the fall. I have all the authentication's, but I don't have the receipt I don't think. Does anyone have a treasure bag? If so can you tell me if the round knob that releases the clasp spins around or is stationary. I know it should move up and down but can/does it go in a circular motion?
  9. It is stationary.
  10. Well that means they broke this then. I wonder how the hell they managed to do that?! And why they just threw it in the bag, what did they think I wouldn't notice.

    Ok so what do I do as far as dealing with Neiman's? (I hate this stuff). I don't have the receipt, but I do have the authenticity cards. Problem (as you can see from link above is that the bag went on sale last fall or winter sometime). I don't really feel like only taking 750 for it, at that point I might as well keep it and cut my losses. At the same time I think they should do something about the fact that they broke the clasp (I assume they can't fix it since if they could they would have instead of just throwing the piece into the bag, and even if they say they can, at this point to don't trust them not to break anything else).
  11. ummm first of all dont just let it go DEMAND they repair it!!!! second did u pay with a credit or debit card? if so they should be able to look up a sale!!

    GOOD LUCK!!! and make them do it...exp if they had it for THREE MONTHS! wth! gucci itself didnt take that long on my bag!
  12. If you bought it NM they should have a record of it.

    How did you pay for it? If they won't look up the sale for you and you paid by credit card I would contact your credit card company. They can demand a copy of the receipt for you if NM won't help you. If you still don't get a copy of the receipt that way you can always do a charge back with your credit card company.Since what you bought is defective and they ruined it. I think NM rather get you a copy of the receipt then lose the full amount on charge-back for defective merchandise.
  13. Seriously the ONE time I paid cash because I had a good summer job and thought it was good karma instead of charging. Stoooopid me. I just had to trade in a spy I bought there because when I got it the leather was kind of dry and they said to moisturize and it would be fine. Two months later it was terrible. Luckily the woman was nice and switched it out (and they had another one in store). But it was so bad that one look and she had to do something, this I'm not so sure what they will say. Funny that a woman who is going to be a lawyer is scared of Neiman's sales people :wtf:.

  14. I would take it in and show them how it came back from the repairs and have them fix everything again, including the clasp. I did not try turning too hard, as I did not want to break it also, but it should not spin easily.
  15. Ok as if I haven't complained enough I just noticed one more thing. Certain seams that were previously brown have now been painted white?! :nuts: