STAY AWAY FROM DIABRO.NET!!! (a much needed rant and warning)

  1. Hey all,

    I just wanted to warn you about an experience I recently had with those of you who don't know, is an online retailer out of Japan (I think) who is supposedly all authentic and very reputable (again, in Japan--in the US? not so you will soon find out)...

    Here's the story: they had a 07 Vert d'eau First for $1050 that everyone here said was absolutely authentic, yada, yada, yada...(and, it probably is...that's not my beef with them...). So, I placed the order last week sometime. I noticed yesterday that there was a "pending" charge on my Credit Card for the price of the bag. OH JOY, I's on it's way! Well, yesterday afternoon, I got an email from them asking me to fax them a COPY of MY BANK STATEMENT and a COPY of my DRIVER's LICENSE! Ummm...are you kidding me? They said they needed my updated "personal" information (which, mind you, has already been provided with my order..AND they have already put in motion my CC charge!)

    Well, I responded that I absolutely would NOT provide my bank statement and entire driver's license and I couldn't understand why they needed these items. I added that I'm sure they understand that it's not ok to ask for these items....Again, they have ALREADY charged my CC, so they MUST have the correct info...

    Well, today, I get another email from them stating that they cancelled my order because they need (get this) my REAL NAME, ADDRESS, and AUTHENTIC CC in order to process the order. WHAT??!!?? WTF is wrong with these people? Why would they think what I provided them was anything other than REAL? Again, they had ALREADY CHARGED MY CC!!! :cursing:

    Anyway, I told them I would report them to the authorities...which, I'm doing right now (you guys are absolutely the "authorities"!) ;)

    Bottom line, stay away from these freaks! While their bags might be authentic, their online selling practices are NOT! There are too many fair and helpful authentic BBag sellers to have to deal with creeps like this!!!

    OK, I feel better now...thanks for listening...:s
  2. wooowww... i'm soooo sorry to hear this :crybaby:
    i don't know anything about this kind of transaction, so i can't say anything but sorry :crybaby:
  3. I had the EXACT same experience with Bergdorf Goodman online. At least the website you are dealing with is in JAPAN... Bergdorf is in the USA...
    They placed a charge on my credit card... And when I called the credit card company they said it is approved and is currently "Pending"... after 5 days they cancelled my order without notifying me in anyway.. NO Email, No phone call... I found out that my order got cancelled because I check order status at least once a day...
    I called them immediately and they said because they could not verify my name and address with my credit card company...WTH...This is not the first time I placed the order with them and is not the first time I used that credit card to purchase from them as well... They are such BS... My credit card company said they have no record of Bergdorf contacting them... And the charge has been approved. Also my billing and shipping address is exact the same and they are the ones on file with my credit card... I then found out that the item I ordered is no longer in stock... i totally think they cancelled my order because the item is not available.. instead of telling me that, they told me they could not verify my information...

    THE WORSE PART IS... they didn't cancel the charge with my credit card company.. I still have that amount "pending" on my credit card... They said they will take care of it and obviously have not done so...

    Errr....~!!! SO I totally understand what you are going through and how mad you are... :wtf:
  4. larnette, would you need to call your cc company to check and ensure that the transaction has been cancelled to be safe? I once shopped in LV London and subsequently found out that they had submitted a particular transaction 2x. Altho in the end of course only 1 went through, the 2nd was held as pending for the rest of the month, which affected my credit limit and caused some embarrassment when my card was declined when I tried to use it. .... and I totally don't see why they need all those other info??? so very strange...

  5. I already did that--the charge HAS been cancelled (thank God)..

    yes, you're right peppy, just very strange...and definitely something I won't deal wiht again!
  6. I was always told that diabro sold fakes and authentic items, so I never ordered from them. If I cant find it here in the good ol' USA I dont need it that bad.

  7. Probably smart Donna...

    I know 3 people who have ordered from them in the past and everything has been authentic and the transactions have been ultra smooth! Who knows what's up with them now...

    whatever the case, just wanted to warn you guys... ;)
  8. Crazy! I hope you can get it all straightened out soon. What a pain in the keester! Good luck.
  9. Eeek, this is a good lesson for buying internationally. I personlly don't do it because of the duties :push:
  10. Question? I thought BBags were traditionally not sold why does have the ability to sell them online? Is it because they are in Japan?
  11. ^ There are online stores for bbags, like aloha and a few others.
  12. Same thing happened to me... but not with a BBag.

    I was staying at Crown Towers (Melbourne's Casino Hotel) - and as a precaution, they put a stop on the amount you owe to them on your CC so that they are guarenteed their money (which is fair enough)

    BUT... they forgot to take the hold amount off, so they had charged me for my accommodation, and were holding the rest of my funds hostage - and like you peppy, was really embarassed when I was trying to buy things and it was being DECLINED!

    Mind you, I called Crown Casino and after many attempts to sort it out, they realized they had screwed up! I was sooo annoyed, and told them that I wanted to cancel the Penthouse Apartment that I had booked for my birthday later that year...

  13. I wonder if they had trouble with identity theft? A lot of retailers, online and off, are getting really weird about their cc verifications.:weird: I used to be able to send my daughters shopping with my cc and they can't do it anymore, unless we know the SA or something. Sometimes I just have them call me and I charge over the phone, so they can take it home.
  14. I'm really not sure... styledrops and Rafaello Network also seem to have this ability and I'm not sure why. In their case(s), the markup is so much higher that to US buyers it isn't worth it.
  15. I bought a couple of pieces of jewelry internationally (from Europe) that didn't cost any more than a b'bag--in fact they cost a little less. I had to fax a copy of a picture ID like a driver's license and if I remember correctly, my signature as well. I think when the transaction is transatlantic, it's a way for companies to provide an extra layer of protection for themselves and I don't think it really means that much.