Stay At Home Mom..Juicy Suits??

  1. Hi
    I just had baby number two and I have a three year old that I am home with. I love clothes and love looking put together but I have a serious addiction to the velour juicy suits. I was wondering what you all think of them? They are so great for running around in, I have tried to branch out with leggings and jeans but I always go back to the juicy! The reason I am asking is that I am about to buy a new grey one and I need some advice! Thanks!!
  2. lol, I'm wearing mine right now (and have 2 small kids at home). They're SO comfy, love, love, love them!
  3. I am a stay at home mom and that is all I wear. I have about 10 juicy track suits but I have also brached out to Victoria's sectret. They have these cute velour jumpers (strapless for summer, long sleeve off the shoulder for winter). They are super comfy but they can totally be dressed up if you need. The best part , they are only 40.00-50.00. Here is a pic of me in my Hot pink this weekend from the Hermes action thread.
  4. I agree, for being home (SAHM, 3 kids) I love to wear my juicy. If I have to go to their schools, or out (besides, like Target) Then I seriously get my fashion on. Other than that juicy is perfect for being around the house and running to starbucks, stuff like that. If you like them, wear them!
  5. I love Juicy! It's so comfy, yet it looks sylish and put together.

    All the "hot moms" around here wear Juicy :yes:
  6. another mom of 2 and I live in my juicy suits. I have to drop my son off for school in the morning, I just throw on my juicy velour suit and I am out the door. To me, I find it chic and effortless. Love it! I bet the grey is nice in the velour material.
  7. I must admit they are very comfy even though I dont have any kids
  8. I wouldn't wear Juicy out (to lunch or the mall, etc), but for around the house, Juicy is incredibly comfortable and cute!

    A grey suit sounds beautiful... I say, go for it! ;)
  9. I'm not a SAHM, but I sure do love Juicy. I can't help it. I just keep buying more. Once I get off work I want to be comfy. I'll wear it to the store, the movies, lunch, whatever. I'm usually pretty casual. And in New Orleans a Juicy tracksuit is dressed up compared to what some people wear.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao:Zophie, you crack me up! That's the first thing I do when I get with the bra and into my Juicy! I too wear mine almost everywhere...
  11. I love matching sweat suits for anyone!

    I have so many.

    Between being in business clothes all the time or being in nightlife attire to go out on a Saturday nite, there are just times where you don't want to be in jeans or other pants anymore. I wear sweat suits at home, to the mall, to the movies or out to run errands. Couldn't live with out em!

    And forget about when I was in college...I literally wore a sweat suit at least 5 days a week. It sucked to have to buy real clothes when I got a full time job.
  12. Yea I totally agree, I don't have any children but on my days off thats basically all I wear is sweat suits.
  13. OMG...I live in those suits. Those and lululemon. Not sure if you guys have it there but it is extremely popular in Canada, particularly Vancouver, where the brand originated.
  14. the first thing i do when i get home from work is throw on the juicys. im sure when im a sahm i will live in them too!!

  15. oh, first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes and my bra...hehehe!

    However, if I go out in public I do usually put the bra back on.