Stay at home cocooning...

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  1. Ok, you're alone at home, nobody buzzing in your ears with all the time you need. What do you do? How do you spend the evening?

    I've layed a facial mask and plan on relaxing. Maybe some wine later.

    How about you?
  2. Oohhh, I haven't had one of those nights in over a year! :nuts:

    Hmmm, what would I do? Sit on the couch and just watch TV and not think, lol
  3. get a take-out dinner and watch a movie
  4. I look stuff up on the internet, read a book, magazine or the newspaper, watch a little tv or a movie, etc.
    Maybe eat some peanut butter chocolate Haagen Dazs ice cream. :P
  5. A glass or two of wine, comfy clothes and a combination of painting/drawing/pastel work, followed by a good book read whilst eating something easy like really fine cheese, fruit and bread, then a long, indulgent bath and more reading in bed . . .I am longing for such an evening just writing this!
  6. watch some dvr and maybe read a book!
  7. I drink hot tea, play with my dogs, and watch HGTV
  8. Sit in the backyard with a drink and my stack of magazines that I never get to read.
  9. I love those nights! Unfortunately with 3 kids it's not easy to get them. I usually do my nails, watch tv, read, play on the computer and eat junk.
  10. I'm such a bum. I take a lot of naps.
  11. my dance card has been full all day long:

    enjoy some tea in the a.m.
    walk my doggie
    check TPF
    go out to lunch with DH
    check TPF
    watch the Olympics
    check TPF
    walk the doggie again
    snack for dinner
    watch the Dodger game
    watch the Olympics
    check TPF
  12. I get a ton of catalogues and there is nothing like a couple hours to just kick back on the couch and leisurely browse through them all with a glass of wine and a couple of nice, scented candles on my coffee table.

    And then the ultimate...a bubble bath upstairs before I slip into bed with a great book...or more catalogues, LOL.
  13. you just described my DHs perfect day! :roflmfao: (minus the wine now of course....) and change the bubble bath to his hot tub....
  14. ^^ I bet he doesn't use Sephora's vanilla cupcake bubble bath!! But if he does...nothin' wrong with that!
  15. I would read a good book, or maybe watch some TV.