STAUD bags experience?

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  1. Hi guys! I recently fell heads over heels in love with STAUD’s bags & ordered a Bissett that was on sale (still waiting for its arrival).
    Was wondering if you guys have any experience with them?
    Personally a huge fan of their price points!
    I’ve always stuck with Chanel & YSL when it comes to bags, & as beautiful as they are, sometimes I feel a little guilty spoiling myself.
    I’m hoping I’ll love it when it arrives so I can spoil myself with a new arm candy more often, sans guilt. Hahaha
  2. I don't have one but did see this review
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  3. I have one in black, and I love it. Its a very cute bag and I get lots of compliments on it when take I it out. I look forward to seeing yours when you get it. R0028743.jpg
  4. I purchased a pink Mini Shirley (the one in PVC with leather insert and leather handles) also on sale and I didn't really like it. It felt like a very trendy bag which I'm not gonna get much use of. There was nothing particularly wrong with the quality, the stitching was good, but the leather felt quite cheap and not much different from vegan leather. So it went back even though it cost me only 100 euros.
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  5. Hi guys!
    I returned mine because I found some marks on the leather & I would probably not be repurchasing because I think it looks good on others but doesn’t fit my style [emoji28]