Status Purses vs Regular Purses

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  1. Ladies,

    I am just wondering what you think..... after having purchased a real "status" purse, say Chanel or Bottega or Hermes or Goyard.... can you later bring yourself to purchase a regular purse and enjoy wearing it?

    I don't know if this is snobbery or more a feeling of, I have bought the best so how can I go back.....

    What is your opinion???? I know for me, I have been purchasing real Vuittons for over 25 years but the thrill is no longer there as they are now so common and there are so many mirror image copies. However a real Chanel still sends a thrill up my spine.

    I live in NYC so see many, many cute and affordable purses daily but can not buy them now if they do not have a top and recognizable designer name.

    Have I become jaded???????? If I have, this Forum has definitely aided in my illness!!!!


  2. I have eclectic taste and love a wide variety of bags. I just bought a Hayden Harnett along with a LV and Chanel. There are a lot of days when I want a low key look and a more casual bag is great for me.
  3. I would say that the quality is mostly what I like about designer bags and I've become accustomed to a certain level of workmanship and leather quality. So, I would definitely buy a lower-end purse or a lesser known designer, as long as the quality was there.
  4. I am a victim, having purchased LV and Gucci, Burberry too - everyday purses like Kate Spade for example, I do not wear anymore -they just take up space in my closet, otherwise I give them to my sister! I only wear "status" purses now, is it wrong - nope, I worked for them I deserve them!!!
  5. You know I thought about this the other day when shopping with my 12 year old who wanted to buy her first 'handbag'. We headed to some British fashion savvy high street stores and as we entered I was thinking 'MJ Stam inspired', 'Balenciagia Lariat inspired', 'Mulberry Emmy inspired' etc and wondering what on earth I was thinking lusting after these high end bags when the designs were available, often in wider colours and with interesting quirks, for about 10% of the cost of the designer version. Then, we'd get up close and I'd see nasty faux leather, uneven dye covering, tin like hardware, glued but not stitched seams and handles, synthetic linings and I knew why for me, now it's got to be bags in high quality materials made with pride. And, I don't think I'm being snobbish - it really is a discernible difference worth paying for . . .At least for me . . .my 12 year old daughter is thrilled with her Emmy inspired red faux leather bag with the metal buckles from New Look!

  6. You hit the nail dead on the head! My purse must possess quality and speak to me as well. It can be an IF, a Kooba, a Chanel, a Gucci, etc etc.... or?? a no name purse that has that craftmanship and pride.:jammin:
  7. I like bags for their style and quality, not neccesarily their name. That said, since I have been purchasing higher-end purses, I am less likely to spend money on a bag I know I will just throw out a year from now.
  8. i guess the only bags i WOULD REALLY USE are my designer bags and VINTAGE bags. vintages doesn't have to be designers, mostly are 5-15$ bags.
    but i don't buy middle price bags anymore :P
    it's either expensive or really really cheap
  9. Yea I agree, those "inspired" bags just aren't the same. OTOH, if I saw a bag that was well-made from a brand I've never heard of before, I'd still use it, assuming the price isn't ridiculous for a no-name brand.
  10. I really couldn't care less as long as I like the bag. Two of my cheapest bags are U.S.-made Le Sport Saks, and my most expensive is an LV Babylone. I care more about where and how the bag is made than I do the $$ amount.

  11. Same here. :yes:
  12. I third that and totally agree!
  13. ^ Same here. Sometimes I think of buying a cheap bag under $100 so that my heart won't ache when it gets scratched or worn out. But I touch the pleather and walk away immediately. Some no name brands sell expensive leather and I can't bear to buy those either. So its either reputable brand with good leather quality or high end for me
  14. I only really buy from designers I know, but I can appreciate a good handbag from anywhere. I also really like mid-range designers like goldenbleu and gustto. I like to have variety in my collection. Keeps things interesting.
  15. Thanks to this forum, I found myself not being able to go back to cheaper bags. :Push::P