Status of Graphite clemence?

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  1. I heard graphite wasnt offered at the last podium (July 10) but strangely, the color seems to be popping up in stores. Anyone know if graphite is available or may be available in the next special order or podium order offerings?
  2. I would guess that graphite clemence bags are popping up because either they were actually made before H decided that graphite was to be rested, or H is using up the graphite clemence stocks that were left on hand.

    I have not heard that it will be available in the near future unfortunately.
  3. I was just offered a graphite clemence Kelly in September at fsh. It was an N in a square.
  4. Jedi, I was offered a 35 Graphite Clemence Birkin PH yesterday. If you're looking for one, perhaps it's still available. PM me if you're interested and I'll see what I can do.
  5. Don't have the answer as to the future status of graphite, but this is similar to all the raisin bags that have been popping up in the stores recently. Very confusing. I don't ever recall seeing this happen when colors have been rested in the past, unless they were old stock.
  6. I passed on an N stamp graphite Kelly at FSH this September too.

    I am not sure about graphite being a PO leather, but my SO for graphite chevre just went through.
  7. I love graphite. While on vacation in Singapore, I saw a beautiful lady with the most stunning graphite bolide.

    MillStream, graphite Birkin sounds amazing. How did you pass on that? :drool:
  8. i heard that graphite epsom is still available from FSH.
  9. It won't be back but just as it was with RG orders will be served and this may be the effect
  10. My SA who went for podium said she doesn't recall graphite being rested at the most recent podium. And she's been seeing graphite bags pop up recently.
  11. i just bought a birkin 30 graphite clemence in tokyo 2 weeks ago, it was a choice between a 25 black epsom or the graphite.

    the SA told me graphite is a rare color and they only had 2 pcs in the store and the other one was bought already. i love the color! so versatile!
  12. We were told that we will be getting a graphite... But it's been a few weeks now and still no sign. When we did have it, it was not very popular. I guess people just bags that they simply can't have....
  13. I finally got the ok from DH and this is my top color choice. Any help to acquire one would be greatly appreciated. I hope to get one in the Boston or NYC store.
  14. Hi, anyone has SA to share in Paris, Venice, Florence, Rome and Barcelona?

    Graphite is a nice color.

    I will be making on a trip to these cities coming Friday.

    Any advice will be appreciated.

  15. Sorry for the late response, plum blossom. I've found that I prefer lighter weight skins for a 35cm Birkin and this one was just too heavy for me to carry.