"Statistics" etc. not working?!

  1. Is the view statistics, find more posts by this member etc. disabled? :sad: I was searching my posts and cannot. Help!
  2. It's working fine for me. I just clicked on your name and clicked "Find More Posts" and saw your posts.
  3. It's not working for me... weird. It was fine yesterday. I can't see anyone's avatars either and no drop-down "view more posts and profile" stuff, and when I click on a user name, all I see are the visitor messages but no statistics, contact info, nothing.
  4. ^ That is weird.... try to refresh your browser and make sure you have the latest option running. I'll alert vlad this way too :smile:
  5. It could be that your browser is not responding properly to the scripting that is required to shop the dropdowns. Try a different browser or clear your current browser's cookies and cache.
  6. I did all you suggested and nothing. (Firefox.) However, I opened Chrome and it seems to work there fine. Is Firefox not the recommended browser for Tpf? It's strange how it suddenly stopped working.
  7. Odd, I don't see your avatar now. Perhaps try to reupload it?
  8. I've been using it on Chrome and it's been working fine, but it just won't work on Firefox anymore. Wonder why? It's not a problem as I can just open Chrome for this site, but was just wondering why it won't work on Firefox?
  9. Have you rebooted?
  10. Since I made the thread, yes ;)