Stationary Entertainers

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  1. Is it necessary? Suggestions, recommendations, comments?

    It looks like it would keep the baby busy while grandma works on things around the house.

    I'm interested in the Graco one, but don't want to spend the money if baby grows out of it quickly.
  2. I bought a jumperoo which Carter loves to death, but I recently visited family and they have one of these and he loved it just as much. I think he was able to play with more things on the stationary one as oppose to jumping around a lot in the jumperoo.

    It's worth it for me since he 7 months and rolls and moves a lot. I can put him in there for a bit as I do things around the house and know that he's in something he can't get himself out of. Hope this helps!
  3. Kamryn gets bored very easily. She is non stop!! She had one similar to this and loved it! I would say get it! She used it from about 4 months, to about 9.
  4. We also have a Jumparoo..The Fisher Pricer Precious Planet Jumper, actually. My dd loves it! My Pedi recommended getting her something - he said either a jumparoo or an exersaucer were great as long as they are not in it more than 20-30 mins. He did insist that we not get a walker because it can cause the musucles in their feet to develop "wrong".
    I would ge it!!
  5. I'd say try out the sample in store before purchasing. Although the box said 4+ mos, our LO at 4 mos was practically swimming in there. He's lean and tall his legs were already reaching the base. Another mother suggested supporting him with rolled towels but I had to put like 3-5 in there and LO would just smash his head on the toys so maybe he's not quite ready for them yet. I like the Evenflo exersaucer because the toys can be changed if kiddo gets bored, and the seat is just a piece of thin cloth that won't cut into his thighs like the others do.
  6. I have the Baby Einstein (same as the one in your pic), but I haven't used it yet (baby is only 2 1/2 months). My ped says these are good to build leg muscles. If you are not getting a jumperoo, then you should get a stationary entertainer.
  7. thanks for everyone's feedback on this!
  8. Oh my DD LOVES her jumperoo!
  9. Definitely! We have a jumperoo and an excercauser and I love them both! I can pop DS in the excercauser and hop in the shower. It is the best! And he loves both of them. Jumps all the time and has the leg muscles to show for it!