Stationary challenge: Revealing the Monogram Paul Notebook Cover

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  1. I was lucky picking up the new Monogram Paul Notebook Cover (and the beautiful Elizabeth pencil case in true red). 15168359216611239996257.jpg
    Sorry, the picture quality is not great... But I wanted to share this new item...
    I am not too sure about the size though as this cover does NOT fit a regular A5 notebook (which I was hoping). The measurements on the website are somehow unclear about this. I tried a matching notebook from the Lv store But the paper quality was disappointing, very thin paper that was not for me because I use ink and that would bleed through the paper.
    For better measurements comparison I will upload more pics in comparison with a regular A5 leuchturm notebook. You can see it clearly sticking out.
    I'm not sure if I will find another notebook matching it the way I hoped... But the cover itself is sooooo pretty and feminin, just love the red interior and the S-lock. DSC_0641.JPG DSC_0641.JPG 15168359216611239996257.jpg DSC_0639.JPG DSC_0645.JPG DSC_0641.JPG
    15168359216611239996257.jpg DSC_0639.JPG DSC_0645.JPG DSC_0641.JPG DSC_0642.JPG DSC_0637.JPG 15168359216611239996257.jpg DSC_0639.JPG DSC_0645.JPG DSC_0641.JPG DSC_0642.JPG DSC_0637.JPG DSC_0639.JPG DSC_0645.JPG
  2. Sorry, this is my first thread, don't know why the pics are there multiple times...
  3. I would like to give a little update. I did some diy today and was able to modify a regular a5 notebook to fit into the beautiful cover.
    I took the hard cartbox cover that came with the notebook off and cut off a part of the edges of the outer page (back and front). Then I fixed the now rougher edge with some gold printed washi tape.
    Now it fits easily and perfectly into the Lv cover.
    And it makes me superhappy...
  4. Thanks for posting this! I'm in love with this notebook cover, the clasp really makes it stand out. I was worried about the the size when I saw it. I know it fits their refills but I'd use it for my to do lists and notes which makes the LV refills way to expensive in the end. Glad to know you can make something else work.
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  5. Thank you, LVforvalentine. In the store they told me that the Paul cover is part of LVs gift collection, and not the stationary collection. That is the reason for the non-standard format.
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  6. Thank you for posting! Been waiting for LV to release some new agenda style stationary! Will check it out!
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  7. This is amazing! It’s so beautiful. How much was it? The Epi version is around $550. Do you know if it will come in other colors?
  8. It was the same prize as the Epi, 370 Euro. I don't think that it will come in other colors soon but it might depend on how popular it will be.
  9. How wonderful! I think the S-lock is a darling idea. Enjoy your monogram notebook cover!
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  10. I need this!!
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  11. This is beautiful!!! LOVE the red interior!

    It looks like the size of the Couv Carnet MM. The notebook itself is A5 so it doesn’t fit A5 notebooks comfortably, ugh. I cut the covers of my Hobonichi and wrapped in washi as well so it will fit my CC. And I love the result.

    I wonder if the strap/S lock will allow the cover to close over an insert that gets fat with use/writing.

    Be sure to post in the Agenda Club thread.
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  12. thanks for the post!!! i am on the hunt for the blk epi one, but wanted to see if there were any reviews before I take the plunge. Do you have any issue with the clasp? I wish they had the monogram with traditional brown leather (man here). The red is a bit too much for me. Thanks for the pics! You made my decision a lot easier :smile:.
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  13. Thank you, gre8dane. Good to see that more notebook/bullet journal addicts are out there looking for the perfect cover :idea:. I am not too sure if it will look good with a growing hobonichi over time. The strap itself is getting not really softer but it has adept to the wider angle from the cover without an insert to now carrying a notebook. I had the same thoughts as you do, as I add stickers and tickets etc. to my Bujo over time and think that a less pages insert will look and feel the best.
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  14. Yes, the red is very vivid, totally understand your concerns.
    I have no problems with the clasp but the notebook should not be too bulky.
    I hope you can score the EPI one, it must feel and look fantastic!
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    have you tried the moleskin notebooks? they have a variety of sizes and widths (with soft covers). I saw a few today that might be perfect for it. Thanks, I am definitely leaning towards it. Debating on weather a passport holder (turned into a notebook holder) will suit me better. I just love the clasp (and fact that you can close it) on the Paul. I was thinking to get it and then get a cc insert to put on the left side (however, I haven't seen any yet that have the insert tab on the left - hope that makes sense). I want it to be multi-functional, and not just for a notebook.
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