Staticky Hair -- HELP!

  1. So, it always seems I have been filled with more static electricity than others ... I get shocked all the time by carpet, and when I was in 12th grade, my physics teacher pulled me out of class to be a test subject for those electricity balls (you touch it and your hair stands up a little ... all of mine did!). :s

    Since the humidity has dropped, my hair has been SO staticky! Any time anything touches my hair ... if I brush it or comb through it with my fingers or sometimes for no reason ... the top layer stands up on end. I've been using dryer sheets and hairspray in the morning after I brush my hair, but it doesn't last long. I've also tried using all of the hair junk I got, but none of it lasts throughout the day. Either I have to keep applying it and get greasy hair after a few applications or it just doesn't work. I even run my hands over my hair after I wash them to 'reactivate' whatever I put in it.

    Is there anything I can actually put in my hair when it's wet (or dry, I guess) to stop this but not make it greasy? I try to go a few days without washing my hair, so I don't want it so heavy it looks gross. I have pretty thick hair, so if it's something to put on my ends, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Ideas?! :shame:
  2. John Frieda Freez-ease = a life saver!!!
  3. De-Frizz from Bumble and Bumble is great.

    Another alternative is using a 100% SILK scarf to rub your DRY hair.
  4. I spray my hairbrushes and clothes that get too statciy w/ Static Guard, it's a spray that eliminiates static.
  5. I have some of that for my clothes, I never thought of spraying it on my hairbrush! Thanks!

    I used to have some of the John Frieda frizz stuff, I'll go pick some more up.
  6. I've also heard taking a dryer sheet & running it along your hair will elimate static.
  7. ^^ Yeah, I've tried that but it doesn't last too long. I don't really want to resort to carrying a box of Bounce in my purse. :biggrin:
  8. One of my friends from high school taught me that trick. It works great when you have fly-aways. It's a cheap solution too.
  9. I spray my hairbrush with hairspray before I use it, and that does away with the static for me.
  10. Someone told me once to mix hair-spray half-and-half with water, and spray it on your dry hair. I don't know if it works. :shrugs:
  11. I carry a small static gaurd in my purse at all times because every time I try on clothes I get major static:smile:
  12. I did the static-guard-on-the-hairbrush thing in highschool. It worked a bit, but I couldn't stand the smell. Now static-guard always reminds me of highschool...!

    Two things I do now:
    BioSilk. Work some into your hair while it's still damp.
    Infusium conditioner.

    I am a static-magnet like you - and these two things have worked wonders for me!!;)