Static in hair

  1. How do you guys keep your hair from getting all static-y? I use all kinds of products but after 10 minutes, POOF! Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Sounds silly but works: try dryer sheets. Just smooth it lightly over hair. Cheap, effective solution!
  3. Have you tried Aveda Smoothing Fluid? It helps me and makes it shiny too. I have not used mine in a while, I need to get it out!
  4. ^ Yep! :yes:
  5. In the laundry aisle at the store they sell "Static Guard", I spray my clothes and brushes as needed. I also keep one close to the dryer in my laundry room, the dryer is a main culprit!
  6. I always get staticy during the day when I'm at the office. When that happens and you don't have dryer sheets around, put some lotion on your hands, rub them together, and then run your fingers through your hair once or twice. Don't over-do the lotion or you'll end up greasy. Just use as much lotion as you would for your hands, but only rub your hands together a little, and then through your hair. Hope that helps!
  7. Static guard, using a wide tooth plastic comb, or dryer sheets helps.
  8. I got tired of the Bounce and Static guard smell, so I bought Frederik Fekkai's anti-static spray from Sephora last year and am really happy with it. It's got a beachy cocunut smell so you only use 1-2 squirts, but it's great!