Static help! SOS!

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  1. I bought an A.B.S. dress last night to wear to the rehearsal dinner this Friday for the wedding DH and I have to attend this weekend in St. Louis. The dress is satin underneath and a chiffon type material on the outside. The problem is the chiffon part generates too much static so the dress sticks to me and to everything else. Is there anything I can do to get it to stop? :push:
  2. spray your legs and the inside of the dress very lightly with strong hold hairspray. it stops the dress clinging and generating static.
    (i dress models for fashion shows in my spare time. need any more advice just PM me)
  3. ooo good idea. Hairspray is cheap. but what about the dress sticking to the lining?
  4. ^very lightly spray the lining too.just lift the top layer of the dress well out of the way
    p.s. love the dress
  5. thanks for the info! this forum is a life saver for any trauma or mishap!
  6. wow gorgeous dress. hair spray like mentioned above has worked for me.
  7. One of my friends used to spray some laundry stuff on her school uniform skirt to prevent this from happening... if I could only remember what it was... arghhh... I *think* it was actually something to prevent static in the dryer. I can't remember very well. An orange can with some blue letters. Hope this helps!
  8. static guard is the orange and blue. I asked my mother and she told me to get that.
  9. Gently rubbing dryer sheets on it should work, too!
  10. Rubbing your legs/body with moisturizing cream (heavy duty stuff) helps too. If you're wearing nylons, rub in onto your nylons after they are on. And follow with a good spray of Static Guard. I'd suggest you get the small purse size to take with you. Even with all this, walking around can build the static all over again.
  11. That's what I do.:yes: