Static Cling and My HAIR - ARG!!!

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  1. For some reason this happens to me every so often - my hair gets SUPER staticky for like, a week straight and seriously STICKS to my face like crazy and looks AWFUL. :cursing: WHAT on earth can I do to stop this because it is driving me CRAZY!!!! :hysteric:
  2. This may sound crazy - but I've tried it and it works - a dryer sheet! Just rub it around on your hair and it will keep the static to a minimum.
  3. wow seriously? ::runs down to laundry room::
  4. I cannot friggin believe it. I just, like a moron, rubbed a dryer sheet all over my head - and it's all GONE - I am static cling FREE! My hair is NOT sticking to my face - wow! I feel like a total idiot, lol - but I can't believe it worked!

    Now, question - how long does this work for? Should I keep a dryer sheet in my bag for the day or should I be good? lol god this is too funny
  5. I'm glad it's working! I read about in Allure (I think) and thought it was really weird, but who knew?

    It does last for a good few hours - so I kept a dryer sheet with me just in case. I'm a loser:graucho:
  6. ok - this worked for a very short time - and then I was staticky again.

    Next suggestion? :s
  7. My hair is really dry and prone to this--so I put a little moisturizer in my hands, rub them together and then put that in my hair. Works for me. I used to try it with water only...that never worked!....that dryer sheet trick sounds cool! A good quick fix!
  8. I'm a moisturizer girl too....rub most of it into the hands and then run your hands through your hair. Will be good for a few hours....then you may need to do again...but you're moisturizing your hands every time you do it!
  9. Yeah! It's double-duty! And my hands ALWAYS need moisturizing!
  10. I use a little finishing product on my ends to weigh down my potential frizzies, either John Freida Spun gold from the sheer blonde line (a waxy gel), or Tigi's BedHead manipulator (a gooier, rubbery gel). Both do great on static! (I have thick, wavy hair and straighten with a round brush most days).
  11. why do I always forget this when my hair goes nutty. duh