"Statement" Rings

  1. The latest Neiman Marcus "The Book" catalogue proclaims "Statement" Rings as HOT HOT HOT this season. We're talking BIG cocktail rings with significant gemstones. I thought it would be fun for everyone to share their favorite "Statement" Rings, either ones that you own or ones you'd like to own.

    This is a pic of my David Yurman rings, and I think the smokey quartz and amethyst ones are big enough to fall into this category.

    But I'd love to make a "statement" with this Yurman citrine ring.

    Here's a link to the NM website section on "Statement" Rings.
    Statement RingsxRingsx-xNeiman Marcus Online=

    Yurman rings.jpg Citrine1.jpg Dweck 1.jpg Dweck 2.jpg Dweck 4.jpg
  2. You have a wonderful collection of DY rings...I'm jealous! My fingers are too stubby and short to wear DY rings.
  3. I love big rings here are some of mine
    Citrine  Octagon Cut Ring 9 Carats.jpg Citrine Ring Antique Cut 13 Carats.jpg Congac Quartz Marquise Cut Ring 7 Carats.jpg Green Amethyst Ring 4 Carats.jpg Lemon Citrine Octagon Cut Checkerboard facet  10 Carats.jpg
  4. Aww, thanks SuLi. You know, you might be surprised about your ability to wear big rings. I have relatively short and stubby fingers too--I wear a size 5 or 6 ring--and I actually think that bigger-scale rings look better on me than dainty little rings. You outta try some on!
  5. more, and I have another which is my all time favourite a pear cut amethyst with pave diamond setting but it need to go in for repair
    Mystic Topaz Round Cut Ring 10 Carats.jpg Sky BlueTopaz Ring.jpg Swiss Blue Topaz Oval Cut.jpg Swiss Blue Topaz ring Pear Cut 6 Carats.jpg
  6. OMG Label Addict, your collection of big rings is fabulous! I really love the first citrine ring. Do you wear them all the time? Thanks so much for posting. :yes:
  7. my fingers are a 3.5 and long and creepy.
    and I'm 5'7" and 120 pounds.
    perfect for instruments, not so perfect for jewels, yo.

    I can't even get rings resized, they have to be custom freaking ordered most of the time because of the curvature.

    I love all of those rings and only wish Yurman had child sizes.
  8. Thank you, yes I wear them all the time even if just popping to the shops :lol:
  9. I think that's so cool! I do the same thing. A big ring can really glam up a plain old outfit of jeans and a sweater! (In fact, sometimes I plan my whole outfit around my jewelry--and around my handbag, of course. But I'm nuts that way.) ;)
  10. ME TOO!!! my Bf laughs at me because I often sit at home watching TV in my PJ's with my rings on (not all of them :lol: )
  11. ^^^lol!
  12. I've had my eye on a split shank garnet set in yellow gold with a hallow of diamonds in silver by David Yurman. This is from his petite albion collection, so it may not be large enough to qualify as a "statement ring", but I love it. However, I can't find a photo of it anywhere.
  13. Oh, and I forgot to include this Vera Wang ring (I can't attach the direct link, but it is the "18 karat rose gold candy ring with .45 carat tw round brilliant-cut diamonds pave-set with a 10 x 12 mm pink tourmaline in the center.")

    Calvin's Jewelry
  14. wow...you really love big rings.....I only have couple of them..
  15. DY has great garnet--his stones are really bright red and they pop, rather than looking dark and brownish like some others I've seen. (I've got the petite albion/garnet ring in all silver above.)