Statement Ring for middle finger in rose gold

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  1. I want a ring for my middle finger for my jewelry wardrobe. I currently have the Tiffany bold T ring in 18k yellow gold, the Cartier trinity ring and a Tiffany somerset wide ring in silver which is serving as my white metal option right now.

    I need something in rose gold - any brands/styles I should look at. I was thinking maybe a Love ring? Any other ideas for a designer or style?
  2. If you want something with heft, have a look at the Bulgari b.Zero
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  3. Have you checked out Messika? I’m tempted by their Move Collection

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  4. I haven’t thanks I will take a look!
  5. oh!! Thanks for the rec
  6. The Boucheron quatre rings are gorgeous
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  7. Messika is gorgeous! I also really like some of the rose gold rings from Birks Iconic collection:

  8. Shay has some gorgeous stunners if that's your style... they are LA based
  9. One of my best purchases ever. I bought the pinky ring version though.

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