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Sep 25, 2007
Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned I contacted Jackie about these issues and here's her response. She's a wonderful person, has bent over backwards to make her clients happy. We can each view our opinions, I have no issue with that, but when it's done to simply drudge up negativity for the BE name, I will address it, as it comes down to courtesy and hearing the "other" side.....after all, there are always 2 sides to every story, right????

RESPONSE from Jackie of Belen Echandia:

There are obviously many things we could do to make everything perfect, but the prices would rise. In 4 years of business, I have hand-on-heart had a handful of bags returned (NONE of them for marks on exterior leather until the PF, really, honestly, none). Of all the bags we send to stores, we have had ONE return in 4 years, a bag in Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, whose magnet had fallen off. We are known by stores for being the handbag company with one of the lowest numbers of customer/quality complaints, on this basis.

Tags – we had some issues with fuchsia stones falling out. The company which makes them is aware of this and has now made them wash-proof (some companies use them on jeans.

Leather- The leathers that we use are very natural and sometimes (I know this bit is hard to understand) the more expensive a leather, the more delicate it can be. Many cheaper leathers have coatings or coverings, even plastic doesn't mark as easily, so I prefer to use a better quality, which is available in lots of gorgeous colours, which is a little bit more prone to marks but which OVERALL I find looks prettier, smells nicer and overall wears better than a super-perfect plastic-looking material which is absolutely immune to marks or scratches. That said, this morning I have contacted the leather producers to find out if there is an additional protection we can apply to these types of leather which will not interfere with the beautiful finishing. I really hope I can find something

We use the same hardware as Miu Miu – but it isn’t silver and if people get perfume on it, or try to polish it with silver polish (has been known) it can tarnish (lots of handbag companies have this info on their websites – we will be adding a product care section soon). As for the leather not being hard-wearing – the chocolate leather, for example, is exactly the same as the dark grey. I think the only difference is probably the colour. If you buy a black handbag, you don’t see the marks. When you start buying colours, you see them more.


Aug 14, 2006
Thank you Contessa.

I totally agree with Jackie's assessment that a high quality leather doesn't necessarily mean a more durable leather. Thats why its called luxury item! Its not so much about practicality as it is about beauty.

I honestly think people are being too picky when they expect a completely perfect, mark-free bag every time. Certainly, a bag shouldn't look like its been used and returned - and it definitely shouldn't be dirty. But a minor scratch or a scuff here and there don't matter so much to me as it will only be a matter of weeks before markings of my own start showing up.
Mar 17, 2007
I'm glad the questions have been cleared up and answered more thoroughly this time around. Hopefully she can add coatings to the more delicate leather without interfering with the beauty. It is a little hard for me to understand about delicate leathers being more expensive. Does anyone know if balenciagas are like that? I had wanted to get one, one day, but I saw it as more of a casual bag that I didn't want to have to baby. Maybe one I use my more delicate bags more, hopefully it'll blend in but it was rather a shock initially to see how easily the leathers scratched and the fuschia I had recieved with the white corners.

I amglad the rhinestones are now going to be waterproofed. I took all the tags off my bags because they are sooo loose, it's only a matter of time they pop out and I didn't want that happening as it happened on y first BE.

I think these solutions might fix future problems with bags.

It seems the other thread was getting muddled and wasn't heading anywhere with all the arguing so I think this thread rather clears the air.

Edit: There are letters missing from my post. Anytime I type a letter it gets deleted when I correct it and I forgot how to make my keyboard stop doing that so excuse the post!


Sep 23, 2007
I really hope that leather producers can do something to make the glossy leathers less delicate. I hate having to baby my handbags and want them to stay looking new and gorgeous for as long as possible. BE's are my most expensive bags and I want them to last :smile:


Jan 12, 2006
To prevent further drama, I'll close this now as well as the other thread.
Could everyone agree to move on?
I'll repeat that anyone is WELCOPME to post about being unhappy w/ a product here, just as everyone is welcome to post a rave about it.
We're not going to allow bullying to prevent people from speaking up.

Let's try and perpetuate a healthy, positive vibe in here please:yes:
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